11-11-12 Time to Take Heart

Love truly is all there is left to do and all there is to do all the time in all ways every day in all of your being.  It is the time to take heart, to live and love like never before.

The incoming energies of 11-11 will truly transport you though time…you will fast forward in a periodical manner of ever increasing energies and transformation in a short period of time to experience your divinity, to experience higher states of consciousness and finally to begin to release the final layers of duality and density.  Your will feel lighter, more care free, feeling more clear of who  you are as a being of light as a being of god as a being of loving light in a way never felt before. You will wake up each day with sunshine in your heart and in your eyes, the light of god will begin to flood through your veins, bone, heart eyes, soul and all of who you are.  You will be turning on like light bulbs, finally. You each have been vastly prepared…that is what is has all been about, now we begin to turn on the light switch. And the 11-11 is truly the energy power portal, although 11-13 with the sun disc brings in the mass and final coding for the programming for the planet and the energetic matrices for Gaia to follow and tune back into when she was in the higher realms and then you have the 12-12 but on 12-21 you will know the galactic alignment and the line up of energies will take hold with the power amplification of all the planets in your solar system bombarding you with energies of the cosmos and all the codes you have lacked in becoming a galactic citizen once again.

Pull up a seat and take heart, life is taking on a whole new vibration and it is going to happen very fast…purification and lighting up continues in the most grandest of ways.


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