12-12-11 Gateway of activations and potentials


Another most powerful day, gateway, activation, of human potential and activation.

Twelve – today brings in yet more loving levels of Christed energies – of love energies, of our deepest soul activations for moving into deeper levels of our beingness. Envision the 12 strand DNA lighting up within you, over you, around you. Ask to be aligned with Divine Love. Pull in the Golden Light through your crown, lighting the 12 Chakra system, send it down into your Earth Star. The time is Now for another level of awakening and expansion. We are receiving energies to release our self judgements and move into forgiveness and compassion and Divine Love and Truth of ourselves, of all that is. Merge into The One, Merge into The One, Merge into The One. Remembrance comes…. Rejoice in this day!

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