12-12-12 – One Heart – Receive the Love Vibe

12-12-12 at 12:12:12….Join us tomorrow energetically, with hearts opened wide to receive the incoming gift of frequency from our Heavenly Realms. Place intent to be

apart of ALL coming together, all meditations, all groups..ALL into the ONE HEART GROUP of humanity. Important, SEE ALL AS ONE!



Receive Christ Consciousness – Pure Love energy as it rains in upon us, as grids are connected in totality for the first time. All Energetic matrices come active of which we are all wired into for our ascension, for awakening to ever increasing awarenesses of our “I AM” Presence, our True Being, our expression of the Divine.

Join in with us in sacred space of a golden Pyramid of 23 carat gold with phi dimensions to further amplify the receipt of these sacred codes, geometries, frequencies and Fire Letters of the Language of Light, the Language of Love, The Language of All.

Humanity takes a HUGE LEAP of EXPANSION OF HEART tomorrow….yet beginning….now and continuing…only to ever expand into expressions of love, joy, peace, harmony, unity, community, abundance, sovereignty, serenity, compassion, good will, creativity, playfulness, laughter, giggles, simplicity, oneness, wholeness, …..and all that is of the reality of our expanded consciousness that reflects and is the consciousness of The One.

Blessings be to all in the most glorious times of NOW! Love, Love, Love to you, One and All.

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