12D Shield – Tool for Ascension -Video

The 12D shield, a tool that supports us on our journey of Ascension with every increasing purpose, functionality and transformation. I share with you as it may serve you in these times as we leave lower realities and strive to become in harmony with our Divine One Source Self. This tool experience for me is one of great profoundness, blessing and continued expansion. It allows greater discernment of energies, of self awareness, self accountability, with increasing levels of use and inner work bring increased peace, sovereignty, unfoldment in our purpose here upon this planet.

The information upon this below and the 5 minute video, resources, etc are shared from Lisa Renee and the ascension information platform of www.energeticsynthesis.com. See what may

resonate with you for your personal expansion and greater understanding of our planetary and cosmic journey.smile emoticon

“Our core support practice is you wake up in the morning and your first step is to make a daily declaration of your intention to resolve the authority problem between the ego personality and God. And that can be simply stated in these words or words of your own that feel emotionally charged and connected to you such as:

My declaration of intention to serve my source.
I commit to serve my highest power fully completely and totally.
I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

How to build your personal 12D Shield:

And then you work with shielding your body, your personal energy field. Most of us know in becoming introduced to our body of work here at Energetic Synthesis, our core practice is the 12th dimensional shield. The 12th dimensional shield is a practice that fortifies and strengthens our aura by reconnecting us to our 12th dimensional blue print or Kryst or krystal body. As we shield ourselves, we learn energetic boundaries of our aura. And then we can learn to boundary test our aura to discordant energies that are uninvited.

The shield also helps us to re-imprint our body to physical and energy sustainability and health and this achieved by bringing balance to the body. It also allows communication to be restored with our spiritual forces and star family. It also empowers our body, ourselves to re-awaken the wisdom of our true origins which may mean we start to decode light language or start to understand more about the hidden history of our planet and of our race.

So as we work with the 12D shield, we use the six-pointed star, which is two triangles of merkabah that is representative of our merkabah body. Many of us are seasoned with this exercise but for many of us that are new and joining us now, let us go through the process of the 12D shield.” – Lisa Renee www.energeticsynthesis.com


More information, tools, resources from the ES platform.



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