2014 Year of Truth, love and Illumination

Truth in Light message =

truthh2014 This is the year of Truth, of Love, of Illumination. Be prepared. Remove the idea of too far fetched, or unbelievable or that’s a conspiracy and a write off…for we are in the TRENCHES of much suppressed information and much salt and peppered with misinformation. The mass media is NOT in your interest and continues with creating falsehoods that are gulped down by those fixated into believing what is fed. There has been a mass mistruth we have been living in. Call is whatever you wish, but do not dismiss it, for NOW is the time we rise up and out of it. We create a new. The NEW energies that continue to expand us, to allow us to see that which has been is waking us up. You must GO WITHIN YOUR HEART and seek sources of independent news, of information for the PEOPLE, themselves and not canned dogma to keep us in fear.

We are a collective voice, a collective energy that is becoming en-Light-ened. Your awareness, my awareness of the truth is what will bring us to collective understanding and unity. That we are not controlled by a few to keep us in fear and manageable and continuing to do the day to day grind to keep an illusion going onto to keep us powerless, separate and oppressed. THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH OF HUMANITY, our ability, our inherent Divine rights. It is about our action, our loving action, our understanding, our ability to speak the truth and not hide or ignore it. We hold a mighty power within each of us. Freedom, soverighnty of being is ours.

We must choose, love, forgiveness and action. Let your voice speak appropriately, but not condemning for this is the old system at work. We must see and make new choices. We must come together in like mind, in like heart, in like principal for equality and freedom for all. A debt depressed society has been CREATED and we do not live there anymore. We are standing in new Light of Love, of power of the heart and integrity, of justice, of fairness.

We ARE THE CHANGE. Look no further than your own heart, your own choices, your own actions. We are peace within and without. We are love. All that is the illusion of a false duality reality is dissolving. We are the truth in light now. Allow yourself to feel and live from your heart. Accept, Forgive, understand, and love all. For we are nothing but love and all else that is not of truth reality is coming up for awareness, dissolution, forgiveness and opening a way for a higher way of living of our God Self. The I AM of you, the I AM of me, the I AM of ALL.

We walk this path together for it is a journey of vibration, of frequency of actualizing our Divinity from the inside out. Heaven on Earth is now, within, bring it forward. Love is all there is.

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