4-13-13 – TRUTH IN LIGHT – From the Heart of God and Company of Heaven to all in this NOW moment

I am remember

In this hours and moments of “battle” with Dark and Light, KNOW the LIGHT OF GOD prevails at all times.  No matter how the outside is shifting, it is within that we must connect to Source, to our Heart, to our Creator and KNOW the LOVE we are.  Despite man to misuse the energy given to them, we must rise to a higher space of vision, truth and consciousness.  Not condemn, hate or move into fear or anger…difficult, challenging, yet possible and imperative.

As we hold LOVE FOR ALL we raise the potential to move into the realms of love together.  LOVE HEALS EVERYTHING.  LOVE IS GOD.  LOVE BALANCES EVERYTHING.  To evidence this truth, hold the love without wavering.  See all awakening to the Truth of Love all over this beloved planet.  Humanity is on the verge of massive positive change as the final aspects of darkness exhaust their final energies.  We say to ALL beloved beings.  Find your sacred space of most high within your HeartSpace and Be love.  Stand in Light and Truth that Freedom truly is within.  Soon this will be the way on your planet.  Fear is NOT the ruler, only that of the illusion.  The Grand Source and Director of ALL is Love and the foundation is returning to such.

Hold on to Faith of greatness yet not seen by the eyes yet known by the heart and soul of every being everywhere.  We are ONE.  WE are LOVE conjoining.
The time is NOW to choose Love over all else. Exhibit the silent power of love from within and radiate to all places, spaces and humanity.  We will walk this walk together now into the new realms of higher living, of living from the heart.

Remember who you are.  Remember the Core of your Being is LOVE.  You are of GOD and created with love.  As a Free Will Being – remember and rise above anything that is not of this.  You have the power now to change your planet and response to non-loving activities and do as wise ones have shared and taught – Be love and quietly and lovingly watch the outside shift.  Patience. Diligence.  Be unwavering.  Soon this discord will abate and love will stand.  It can be no other way.

I AM that I AM and I AM with Thee always.   I AM the Love I ask you to seek.  Find ME and We become the ONE LOVE of all that is.

Blessings to all.

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