4-23-13 – Truth in Light Energy Update

315678_221767991215500_186852894707010_609383_2028263164_nEnergies coming in today are of refinement.  Refinement of mind, body and core essence.  More physicalities may be present and bring your attention to the body, the feelings as it refines and retunes itself from the denseness.  Nerves, muscles, aches, pain, shivers, ringing in ears, tiredness, head confusion, headaches, and similar are immediate signs of these energetic gifts received.  Healings are underway we say!  Rejoice through the discomforts for ailments are being balanced.  Organs are being tuned Up.  Cells are receiving more Light.

Emotions coincide with these and will dissipate like water drying we say.  Feelings that may not have actual memories, yet feelings none the less….agitation to your mental body and etheric fields of Light.  Awareness of body sensations, of vibration, of numbness of frequency may be felt.  Soreness, inflammation can appear as the body is encouraged to move into higher states of self healing.  Follow your inner guidance for any assistance you may be lead to do or seek.  Herbs, modalities, rest, essences, healthcare resources as appropriate for each.  As the refinement processes continue our bodies are seeking its way back to perfection, to wholeness, to our original Divine Blueprint.

Receive and allow.  Breath = the master tool of energy flow in the human vehicle.  Deep breathe and connect it with Love.  Allow the breath to cleanse you and move it through faster and coat all with love.

Re-fine-ment of your Being.  As ALL receive the Lights and energies of the meteor light sprays, they hold these gifts for all of humanity at this special time of realization and transformation.  Purer and purer is the Light that cometh forth fine tuning us as harmonic instruments of God Expression.  A blessed gift from the Creator that calls us “home” to our truest selves. Electronic Light speaks to our core programming to facilitate the natural process of our evolution back to wholeness.

Eat vibrationally high foods.  Hydrate yourself with fresh Spring waters if possible. Bless your food, water and all.  Thank the elementals.  Give thanks and praise to Supreme Creator and Overseer of All.

Bathing is helpful to the assimilation using Himalayan or Dead Dead salts.  Each of which have additional properties of consciousness codes to assist in our ever expanding process of remembering our Divinity.

Quickly you are moving now into higher levels of Light individually, collectively and in conjunction with Earth as an astounding rate.  Seek sunlight and connection with nature.  Find that peaceful space within.  Attune your self to the frequencies of love, peace and harmony dear ones, for it is there for all.

Love and Light to all upon this Holy Day!

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