Gods Grace is upon thee.

God is found in the heart and not the mind. Although God yes, is in all things…yet the human mind is full of rational, judgments, comparisons and it had a limited purpose for the humans path of lesson that is now over. The brain is a processor of information, but it does not and should not determine who one is, how one is to be. This is confusing we know for the human, as that is how is has been taught to be, the brain is all. The brain is brilliant and knows all. Once should use their mind and “figure it out”.

603161_138888096274573_1266853855_nNow, it is known that it is the Heart Brain, the Heart Consciousness is the connection to the Divine, the Source that Created man. The Intelligence of the Heart, is now under scientific study and scrutiny. Heart feels and knows prior to “seeing” or connecting to something in the physical. It perceives, based upon energy of its own massive field of intelligent light. The heart sends signals to the brain, not the other way around. The brain, at this time, is only using a small percentage of its source material and it is still locked into the space and time element of the human in third dimension path of karmic lesson.

What it is filled with is the experience, parameters and perceptions within the game, not beyond it. The heart is intelligent and is connected to Source and knows of that which is not bound by limits of that which the brain has. The Heart connects to the vast wisdom, the universal laws, to that which is eternal, Divine and expansive. This space can be tuned into, cultivated by choosing love, by stillness, by meditation, by contemplation, by going within, by breathing, by increased awareness, by pure quiet, by asking for signs, by listening, ….. It is a space of which each being has and supersedes any time of limited rational of the brain.

The brain is amazing, yet its time of expansion, comes after the expansion of the heart. The heart expansion triggers the expansion of the brain and the brain will merge itself into a whole brain configuration and the current unused grey matter will become activated and hold more of quantum and galactic vibrations and processing. Not quite yet available in the human realms just yet.

The brain shifting is occurring now in preparation of this magnanimous feat of metamorphosis. Bodies are shifting from carbon and magnetics, to photonic energies and crystalline structure. Blood chemistry is changing. We each are at different stages of this process, yet overall, it is taking place. We share this with you for your consideration, contemplation and self awareness as you witness for yourselves, self healing, realignments, restructuring, changes in sleep, eating, vision, hearing, perceptions, sensory inputs, extra sensory experiences, inner vision, pineal gland, all glandular systems shifting, hot flashes, heart palpitations, headaches, bones aches, ringing in the ears, tingling at various points on the body and head, need for water, for detoxing, for cleansing and more.

1256535_10202151105688034_2081683110_nIt is a grand event and process of which humanity is honored for its courage and fortitude to persevere to bring each soul and merge into your physical vessel. Love be to all on this grand journey of Truth in Light. And these truths we share with you upon this day as man journeys through a brief 3 day portal of deep cleansing and final choice of alignment with the soul for ascending in the body at this time in this life. All choices are honored. No one is left behind, yet there is a space where those willing and choosing will move forward in greater speed to that which is now a housing for the New Earth energies and structure. Gods grace is upon thee.

Once complete, grand successive steps of economic, social, food, human origin and purpose will be made known to all as appropriate and with great care and discernment by the Company of Heaven in collaboration with the elders and current leaders of this planet. Expect grand things for the Divine Decree is firmly in place. Hallowed be thy name. Thy Lord is King!

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