Loving Self Care as energies increase

self/Self Care is upon us again. Amidst the lovingly relentless waves of ever increasing Love Light, hearts open, hearts expand and further releases of the veils of illusion dissolve.

spiritual self care1TAKE HEART, we say, Take your own heart into your hands and breathe the breath of God into your heart chakra. The breathe of God is your breath always. Take heart and know you are One being expressed as the many. Allow. Observe. Cultivate deeper levels of peace of mind: eternal peace of The One that is All That Is.

The Divine Plan unfolds in perfection for all life to be renewed in the eternal sacred fires of God virtues. Help mounts to awaken all to the Creator within as the willful and conscious choices allow movement from selfish to selfless.  Opportunities for higher moral choices.

Take care of your self/Self. Love sSelf. Water, sun, peaceful accord, simplicity, honor the body, enjoy joyful sounds, playfulness, present moment awareness, sharing love, orderliness within and without, rest, stillness, gratitude, kindness, willing to heal inner triggers and emotional blocks, extending a helping hand, compassion, non judgment of self or others, rest when need, quiet resolution, appreciation, self inquiry, meditation, rituals of love and adoration of the Divine. Beingness.

Love rises to new levels of frequency, of experience singing the song of All hearts as One Heart.

Love abounds. All is well.

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