Divine upgrade

Upgrading from “I’m going to” to I am now…resonating, loving, etc.

Know “them”, “other” is also reflection of Self. What we give or don’t to give any one person or whole or group, we deny our self and our human family.

That does not mean we agree with an action or such, but that we love nonetheless. That we seek to have understanding, compassion and a call for a place of coming together. To cease the inner battles of opposites playing in the outer worlds and seek with earnest heart, the place always available of honoring life and coming to peaceful existence, respect, values and morals. We do this for self, for our children, for our families, for our communities, for our animals, for our way of living in harmony, for earth, for all life.

I am now loving all, seeing all, acknowledging all that is taking place. I see the “good” and the “bad”. The truth and the mistruths. I honor the spirit of each individual in knowing that within each is a God Being awaiting acknowledge, and growth potential.

I see the abuse. I see the controls. I do not agree. I do not consent in any way, shape, form, in ALL NOW times of eternal Life of the One God of All.

I see, I witness, I observe…with compassion….the strife, the pain, the warring, the abuse, the torture, the lies upon lies, the created wars, the created dis-eases along with the created synthetic “cures” the misinformation, the purposefully created harmful and manipulating frequencies of certain types of music, all…cell phones, tv, computers, smart meters, false phone towers,the propagation game of fear continuing upon centuries and longer, parallelizing and stifling the nervous systems, the brains and hearts and spiritual higher connections of each persons GOD GIVEN AND INNATE BIOLOGICAL, ALCHEMICAL NATURE AND RIGHTS.

I begin with myself. I begin with that which we know is our most important piece, to change, to manage, to master, to control, to discipline our OWN bodies, minds, desires, emotions, will to ALIGN, FOSTER and DEMONSTRATE God Virtues, Christed virtues, higher honoring moral and ethical values, our higher God nature. The inner work, the inner inquiry to squelch the negative ego, the implanted mistruths, belittling, separating aspects that have been told to us, mediaized to us, taught to us, implanted within us, that keeps us in emotions and thoughts of victim and helplessness, when that is NEVER TRUE.   Our courage, our potential of our truest self is very powerful in the ways of love, harmonizing, solutions, healing, understanding and rising out of the lower mind activities of fear, hate, war.  We are in a state of massive healing and review.

We are what we think, say, do, eat, focus upon. Nothing new. It is our discipline, our inner call to move from that which has been falsely placed upon the hearts and minds of all to live only for the “self”, to co create the life of ones dreams, to be and get and do whatever one wants. Not true. False. Yep, I know it goes against most spiritual guru teachings and models.

I am not here to purposefully contradict, only to bring to attention the tactic that still keeps us, humanity, communities from finding the God connection of natural law, our freedom, our sovereignty, our purpose and loving life. These teachings have been given to sound good and keep one in selfish desires and in illusion. Our highest expression and state of being is that of cultivating the inner knowing, past the mind, negative ego, chatter, rationalization of the brain, and tuning into Light vibrations that we each can do of our own Creator God Source. This is for all to know, to return to. With love and much work to remove the layers of false teachings, stories, hurts, pains, etc.   We have been fragmented into pieces, parts, this and that, pulled and torn a million directions by false pulls, gods, judgments, giving our power to others and then attempting to please or align ourself with false values asserted by another.

Not the way to organic nature of our loving being.  Of acceptance.  Of love.  Of non condition and non judgment.

It is about returning to our inner core sacred self connection and seeking to hear/feel the Divine. This is our own upgrade process in now time.  As this unfolds, a GREAT DIVINE PATH shows itself that is one that is in SERVICE TO ALL LIFE and in that space one has more than any “dream life” or “working hard” for a living” or “making do” or co-creating, or visualizing that car or home to have….we have been given more false teachings not realizing it was such, that it still is a separation tactic and of self desires of the lower bodies. Cultivating the higher bodies is the connection to true God Source over religion, intermediaries, worship to something out side of Us. This is the right, the ability, the innate connection, the science, the construction of every being, every bit of life, to have knowing, awareness and interactive connection to God Source.

Heart of LoveTake what may serve you from this in the moment. It is here for you if you are drawn to it, resonate, FEEL some truth that expands you positively. It not, discard it, leave it….move on.

Everything is in the timing it is to be. One day we can’t see something right before us, then the next we can. We are always in places of growing, potentials for new choices and increasing our life affirming and loving abilities.

How to connect? How do I know what truth is? What does it require? How do you get to “it”? Why can’t you see or hear this now? What can I do, change, begin, shift to know for myself?

A constant for all of how to grow ones awareness, inner voice, intuitive higher heart, to lessen the mind chatter, the constant go..go..do…do of the forced worlds is to find quiet time for self. Meditation. Not complicated, not per se a particular process, although whatever you choose or resonate with is what one is to go with. It is a place to listen and witness to the many “things” in the head and begin to NOT LISTEN to the mind…for that is nothing but full of programming and repetitive inputs that is not organic and of the higher self. Hence the work, the diligence, the consistent daily conscious activities of find quiet space to reflect within. See what triggers one into lower emotional states, heal them, make peace with them, let them go, not giving them that power over self. Taking back our inner power to not let judgments, teachings, words, thoughts, mind chatter, ego, voices of “others” dictate how we feel or react.

All this is a process.  All is an upgrade of Divine Origin.

Never, ever give up. Never stop this practice, this IS the path to ones own inner core connection. It is like never looking at the engine or inner workings of any device to see how it operates, where does it Source its energy from. All is taught to look outside in the physical realm, in others, in religions, in schools, in books, in teachers,…..when the highest truths and Source connection is found within.
See how this works?

Keep the people, keep the masses busy with outside tools, over stimulation, drugs, technology, credit/debit, have tos, gotta have, need, comparisons, competition, separation, liquor, mind games, fear media, stressed out….etc…so that what? One is too tired, too upset, in fear, overstimulated, drug, busy, busy, busy….so that the time, the pace and space to nurture our God state is not even of consideration.

Who has Time to meditate?

Who has the discipline, drive, want or will to LET GO and not do the many things we are programmed to go to…watch tv, chat…text over…spending time with one’s own self in sacred communion?  Choices.  Re prioritize.  That is HARD when all on the outside of us is soooooo stimulating and gratifying to the EGO. That is what is targeted and fed, it the EGO. When it is US, Ego over Divine self, the divine self, must sit and await the WILL of US to find it again and realign to tame, master, and rebuild the false ego into balance.  Listening to the heart instead leads us always to this place and space within.  Always.  Always.  Always.

Full circle again, It begins with us, without any outside mechanism, it is our words, thoughts, will, heart, mind, consciousness that is ours to see, acknowledge, manage, nurture and return to responsible ownership and trust. We have given our Trust over our selves, our minds and expressions to ones outside of us that do not have our best interest at heart, no matter what words come out of their mouth, it is not truth, congruent of self evident of such.   In fact, our debilitation is their livelihood, their food, their sustenance.

Light and Dark manipulation is at hand beyond what is seen…it is much deeper, for our TRUE nature, the HUMAN NATURE is HUMANE.

Begin now. Begin anywhere. To intent, to take a conviction of heart an allegiance to Living Light, to Kindness, to humility, to Truth of the Divine, to love Self and All life with ALL thy heart. Begin here. Begin now. In small ways, with a kind word, with a kind act towards self and others. Release the tv, media, gossip, the need for confirmation of your beautiful self from anything or one outside of you.

Breathe slowly. Take a long deep breath and relax. Let go of thoughts and busy-ness, hurriedness, allow a time and space for you to DO NOTHING and BE in the moment. Work at this. Takes effort and is worth all that is given to it, to find and discover for ones own SELF that which we are purposefully guided to not do, to not seek.   Feel. Sense. Observe. Set aside TIME for where you LIFE ENERGY is Sourced organically from your heart connection to Creator Source, our origin.

We are amazing and vast expansive beings beyond our earthly realms. WE are beyond what the eyes attempt to see. That which is to be seen is that which is from the heart and consciousness. A process. A journey, the real journey of our existence. Not the fake dream and 2 cars in the driveway and toys and status. This is that which is the keys to the kingdom for every being, for all of humanity.

It is by our will, work, choice, discipline, humbleness, compassionate nature, innate abilities that require our nurturing, our personal expansion by development and inner inquiry.

We are the CHANGE we seek. And it is happening in a most amazing way, and increased observance, conscious awareness and participation brings it to LIFE and REALITY in ones space. We meet in this place of open heart, of collective human evolution of consciousness, of realities, of experiencing a more advanced way of being – not necessarily via technology, but of the higher virtues exhibited of the Christ qualities. Of love, of community, of mercy, forgiveness, of connection to life.

Inquire within. Meditate. Love self……begin here.

WE are God Sovereign and Free

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