Silent inner strength. Relentless pursuit of truth requires this skill set.

13718691_10210286978999782_9097507103597069823_nCourage to ask questions of that which has been ones very core of belief and structure.

Courage to love self.

Courage to accept self and all despite appearances.

Courage to streeeeetch self beyond perceived barriers of the mind and heart.

Courage, compassion, love, understanding are skills and attributes of the heart requiring our development into the next level of our evolution of being.

Courage to be and accept self in the moment. Courage and actionation to know we have choices, options and abilities to “do better”, to upgrade our choices that are realized after taking that courage to look, contemplate and reflect upon our inner self. Courage to make a choice and if not appropriate, to know one can simply…CHOOSE AGAIN! 🙂

Accepting “what is” , taking responsibility, and allowing self to advance, to elevate, to mature, to season self into greater awareness, listening to the heart and allowing mind, brain, heart to merge and be in harmony with self. Being at peace because one is becoming more congruent with the Highest Loving Heart aspects over false outside gods, media, programs, untruths, hype, fears, projections, pressures, etc.

Loving Self.
Loving all by being true to the Laws of Nature, Laws of Love, Laws of the Heart.

Be of service to all in these ways in all days.

Peace be unto you and all.


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