9-19-14 Window through the Holy Days for Humanity

9-19-14 – Pre Equinox Energies coming in strong. Choices still to be made with full commitment to the process of release and surrender to THAT which Created us. We may need to do this hourly….every minute to return to a state of readiness, of humility, to receive the guidance the cleansing of our imperfections and miscreations which are multilayer, beyond our human understanding and discernment.

divineenergyReneesniderOpening spaces of surrender, to forgiving and forgiveness allows us to remove some veils and despite what remains, see and feel more clearly that which is doing its best to guide us out of darkness. No matter what we think or discern, we, ALL, humanity has much work to do to receive and hold the Light. Open the heart. Find and create the space for silence. It is ONLY in THIS space that you can access the connection, the voice, the wisdom within. Honor self/Self. Honor All.

Our Guiding ones, our Selves in expanded states and more…teach, share, remind, re-awakening us to our ignorance and the need to truly find the connection of truth, love, wisdom within and bring that forth. One will then recognize it emerging in “others” outside…yet we are in a deep process, we are given ONLY

what is needed and appropriate, and in NO WAY do we have ACCESS to all that exists are known. Human minds may differ, yet the truth of that remains…true. We are in a controlled space of reality…and just like others in other spaces, our vision, our range of knowing in full of love, wisdom the Law of One and truth, yet the Vast wells that exist are not carried by any one in fractal form. Not a bad thing…yet appropriate as this will resonate so.

We are given all that is needed for our ‘experience” and more in that which we vibrate into and the levels are vast. For the human experience, it is a “closed” space which is opening and the space it is opening to…itself is still “closed” for that which is inclusive of the experience. Many now expanding are getting caught and distracted by veils, not perceived as such, to stay in places of love or peace, not realizing that is more to do to master ALL bodies and be ON PURPOSE with the connection of I AM presence and the task of restoration and implementation of a New Earth and guardianship and stewardship roles.

These aspects are coming forth within as more reach increased levels of Divine Mind and higher knowing. Being aware, and open, and expansive and loving is a spiraling up energy activating the bodies to vibrate into ascension patterns more readily. We are ascending in every moment.

In reality we have done it already yet the physical must manifest such…paradoxes the human mind has difficulty to grasp, and with our expansion will come more enlightenment, increased changes in the brain and more Divine mind access and flow. Our – humanity’s goal is ascension to a firmament of the 5th dimensionality of knowing, actualizing, being the I AM presence realized in form. The human aspects – those fostered by ego, veils, rationale, separation, fear, control, lack, war, unworthiness are aspects that become balanced and elevated…and as we ascend always, our collective and individual goal, the marker is from dark to Light.

The window now through the Holy Days, of many cycles, yet there is ONE that is remaining that relates to our Galactic role, responsibility to the other planets who have held off ascending, for us to be in readiness. This door closes once and for all, so the due diligence is most important at this time to be loving, forgive self and all and open up to the peace and love vibrations that are ever present.

door-opening-to-shining-lightWe WILL make this door, and those following karma patterns to reexperience growth, need not do this, yet if chosen, there will be a space for those to continue that level of experience. However it may realize itself, a shifting of realities will occur in actuality, though some blending will remain. The final shift and phase to a New Earth platform will readily take hold.

Open your hearts beloved ones. You Are that which you have waited for. Our Creator Light flows now to ever increasing levels of continual NEW LIGHTS and awakening to this continues. Love ALL. And so it is.

We speak from the Collective Councils of Light and Mantle Of Creator and we are you!

Share freely without limit and with integrity.


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