A step up for humanity!

Another step for hue-manity is occurring and is aligning with a new resonance/residency.

What is shared is this is a place of yes, higher and expanded dimension/consciousness. In this space is a prep for zero point = balance, love and peace. This space is not of duality and there is no longer a field of conflicting thoughts to combat. step up open arms receivedIt is a state of Grace yet it is our minimum platform of non-duality and experience of heart. This is still by choice and inner work, as one can resist and play the old patterns over if you choose that station or frequency.

Forgiveness of self and of others as perceived wrongs and rights and simple acceptance of “what is” is the door way to accept this space that awaits all. We realize that the remnants of the lesson consciousness is dissolving into nothingness.

There will be a space or void for many, a space in between and then a quick upshift and realignment with the vast draft of the breath of God encompassing all upon this planet. It is a wait and see for yourself with new eyes a reality not experienced before.

NEW emerges for us with perfection and a clear path of cooperation and loving service work to begin with renewed purpose and clear directions. More inner ….shifting and recognition and assimilation, yet clearer pockets and consistency of connection to The One of All that is. Beauty unfolds. Love heals. Hearts open ever wider and love continues to be amplified to greater frequencies and the song is heard ever more.

All is now. All is love. Be at peace dear ones. All is well and we are so very much loved beyond measure as Creator returns every alive with a voice of knowningness and connection within every cell. All is alive. All is sacred.

Blessings upon blessings.

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