Renée is a heart centered human on the path of personal expansion and experiencing the opening of the Divine Self.   

My role and sacred path and purpose  is to en-Light-en upon  the process of ascension   By experience and inner work I share wisdom, understandings, tools, and energetics processes for assisting in the personal acceleration of this process. This is our natural loving evolution of our soul! 

A sacred and holy path that Renée is dedicated to with whole heart.

Renée is a gentle wise soul.  She is deeply inspired from a sacred connection within.  From her heart flows a sacred mission to share and awaken humanity to know and cultivate the sacred connectedness to this same inner space of awareness, wisdom and loving resource!  And to experience what happens with this awareness and sharing of tools to further bring forth for each one’s own Grand Divine Self,  The God Self, their knowingness that only comes from WITHIN as a free and sovereign being.

No outside source needs tell anyone of us that we are connected to all things, that we are loving by nature and that we are not limited by anything outside of ourselves.

 It is the love of thy creator that flows and does the work. We are ONE with all Life.

We are, as a humanity, evolving quickly into a higher and better version of ourselves.    We are connected to One Loving Source of Energy and the sequence of programming for evolution in high gear.  Looking at our world and media we see everything is changing and the common thread,  truth is coming out, love is coming forth…and we are shifting within our hearts and mind and the earth is shifting as well.

A process that currently most of humanity is completely unaware as has no context for as this is at the beginning of grand phase. Tools, understanding, awareness, discernment, practices are vital to “make human sense” of this process that is heart based and not mental in any way.   

Renée is dedicated to this path of service for every being to know the Light within.  Now is the time of our human experience ascending to higher purpose and expression of love.