Acceleration continues. Be at peace

Be in peace while transformation continues within and without. 
Still in this increased pattern of energetic expansion and acceleration.  This is not going to “let up”.   Be in knowing.  Be in awareness.  If not aware, it may be a space in this moment to see anew that which has been taken as the “norm” when it certainly is not.
The opening in the Cosmos, the natural process of human and planetary evolution that sparks us into DNA activities of expansion of our consciousness and in the physical realms.
wormhole_mouthThis organic Divine process brings forth to our eyes, bodies, consciousness, awareness, the hidden….the shadows….all that is untruth, false and inorganic.
Go within. Connection to Soul, to God that is veryreal and fluid is that which brings forth true security and peace. This time upon our planet and ongoing is an upgrade in frequency, in vibration that directly relates to our consciousness and all layers of life of the bodies.
Although this is a LONG process of transformation and transfiguration direct showing of this is appearing in early waves of awakening, of hearts and consciousness. Our way of living gets challenged from every level of choice, participation, thought, activity, relationships, expressions. We move from service to self to service to others. We move from me to We. We, as a collective body begin to heal our past, our wounds not just for self, but for our ancestors.
Turmoil and chaos are signs of several things. Some of it is the “old” ways of force, war, control and aggression. Some is change in works, where the old is attempting transformation in pieces, in steps to find new ways of expression that are not of force. Some is discomfort, not knowing what is taking place and bring forth fear until there is inner connection, awareness, and or management over emotions and thought.
This is a vast process. Even though completely unseen or recognized by the majority of humanity, it happens nonetheless. This is Ascension. The Divine Plan unfolds to bring forth harmony….and upgrade in consciousness, in ways of living, being and expression.
This renewal has its growing pains. While knowing eases the pains, allows one to consciously participate and remove self from those things that are separating and harboring the habits, beliefs and falsehoods that are no longer valid in the emerging return of the Higher God Laws, the Law of One.
We are all in an attunement and of choice, whether soul level of conscious in the body.
Being able to not react with harshness, fear, judgment to that which is happening is most helpful. Not negating or denying all the pain and suffering that abounds, yet finding that our own individual responsibility for our energy, our management of our body and mind is that which shifts Self into the greater Self and contributes to the Whole.
Look within. Remain at peace.  Any feelings of fear, anger, frustration, worry bring only more of that and is amplified.  Achieving a balanced emotional base of observation and neutrality keeps one in peace and with the ability for more understanding.  Not buying into the outside polarity will be most helpful.  When we are in peace, we see and hear more.  We can attune to the truth vibration over the lower ego and fear controls that promote victim and vengeance which we know serves no one.
Find the inner connection andchakramerkaba.346104951_std security and that which brings forth a place of knowing, of truth and higher connectivity to a living lattice work of the Source Creator.  Trust this space. Cultivate it. Learn more of energy management.  Meditation.  Inner Stillness. Thought and mind management.  Out of ego, brain rational and rigid logical thinking.  Higher mind, Higher heart is a path that requires work, inner cleansing to elevate self through ascension, through chakras – energy centers that open up to experience more realities, more awareness, one of solution, peace, knowing, unity and release from the lower bindings.
Love opens this path.  Heartfelt desire opens this up. Thinking will not.  Rationale will not.  God mind supersedes the lower mind and controls of the lower vibration that does not operate at higher laws, hence why many will not find it, scoff at it and doubt it.  It is WORK and due to the global and historical layers and other components,  of out of balance conditions, patterns within and without, all of our being is required to walk the path of inner work, choice, contemplation, healing, forgiveness, compassion, integration, initiations, activations of dormant pieces of our energetic bodies and cellular structure to bring one into ones own personal experience, actualization and demonstration of this natural process.
There are more people at every moment coming into the stream of awareness, that is full of multiple layers the ascension process.  The vast of humanity is NOT aware.   That which sets us free is this process.  Inquire within.
Be at peace.  We support all life in this process at this time.

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