Actions for aligning your Creative, Loving Self

Each day you are opening up more to creation, the flow of how we operate at our unconscious and higher levels of dimensionality.  Become aware of your words and the connection to your beliefs.  See if they are in alignment with each other.  Look for what you may say (before you think or are aware) and see what you believe.  If they are different, they quickly bring that aspect into alignment consciously.  Say out loud what you DO believe that is of a supporting, loving, encompassing aspect.

Taking the time, no matter what is going on in your external life, you world of outside stimulus, is KEY to you becoming the conscious powerful creator of your Being, of your existence.  This is one way you can actively practice to know what others may speak of how you create your life the way you desire it to be.


It does take diligence, effort, time, focus and true fortitude to do this for your Self.  Each time you do feel the peace that comes with it.  When you speak and say and think in alignment of love, evidence of this will quickly appear.

Step into your higher expanded aspects. Lovingly, step by step, observe how you create your existence and take positive action to bring in balance among your abilities and watch, enjoy and bask in the transformation to live as a conscious being of love expressing!

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