Add your Light to the New Peace Grid forming around Mother Gaia

Blessings!  Peace Grid is under construction!



We are now coming out the other side, they say…and we will have progression and evidence of our crossover into a more expanded dimension.  In this space we are now able to spread our wings…as our energetic templates and codes for this time now carefully and purposefully begin to ignite.

First love simmers in for a while, bringing in more open hearts, awareness and unity.  In unity peace will come and stay.


As requested to share……At the Passage into the Golden Age Celebration on 12-21, we were asked to use our group intention, our energies and the Ghardarva Peace Ceremony to create a template component for a New Earth Peace Grid.  This, our first new assignment of the Golden Age energies and what is to be our “now” times, coming together and creating with like minds, our New Earth in quick order.

Grid1This fractal of the Peace grid template is being replicated around our planet at this moment.  Come together to add your intent to this grid.  Share.  Help create and put into place, fractal by fractal, a complete grid of Holy Liquid Light of Peace.     I see it being created in this grid in sacred geometry of triangles.  Add your Light.  Hold all in peace and love.  When you tune into the Unity Grid, the Christ Consciousness Grid, please now add the forming Peace Grid and add your Light.  We are co-creating this together.

Peace be unto All.

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