Energies coming in TO-day on amazing! LOVE!!! Whether you feel them consciously or not, trust ALL that something energetically wild and wooly is happening! Today marks the 10-10 portal opening, another increased level of Light with the purpose of Choice and catapulting us hu-mans individually and collectively forward… .into grander levels of Self Love.

Now…12-12 and 12-21 is approaching readily ahead. The train that was started at the beginning of 2012 is on the final curve and tracks before it switches to another level of experience.

It truly matters not where you BE in the physical as you will get, receive, align with all that is on the Books to happen.

Focusing on today…..make PLANS today…for your SELF! Your grandest most loving Self. how do you, your I AM presence, how does it show up? In service to All. BE-ing loving, Be-ing non attached to the appearance of chaos and absurdity that continues to mount in the physical remnants of the 3d Duality that is slipping away…minute by minute.

WHEN you are debt free, when our planet is DEBT FREE and we are not living to make a living, but living to BE ALIVE in our glorious physical bodies yet connecting more and more to our God Self, to our Loving ALL Self, to the part that lives the words… DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. As you do to another…you do to you…as you do to do to another. It IS that simple. It IS that complicated. IT IS the path of Oneness.

Now, with that said, no debt, loving your Self and BE-ing okay with who you are and with all other BE-ings, what might you desire to do? How creative can you be? What have you been putting off because you did not have time or felt not to spend the time on you???
What would you be doing? Have something to share with another or many? Would you do crafts, garden, teach, travel, help where needed to bring our world, our earth up to more pristine conditions? Would you work with community, a group with ideas of higher purpose? Would you find time to honor your body in more ways? Might you desire to move else where that pleases you? Might you de-clutter, share or give away items? Wanna sing, swim, bike, fly, write, be, experience, watch, enjoy, participate ..???

Today is the day to make a choice. A choice to stand in the knowningness, the belief, or the place of faith, that we are experiencing the Grandest Shift in Consciousness and this is the doorway to the portal of the next experience as planned by our Loving Creator.



HOLD ON dear ones…..this is where they put the seat belts and the bar down over you on the Roller Coaster Ride right before you take off up the tracking hill……to FLY DOWN TO THE GOAL with your HAIR FLYING in the wind, your skin pulled back and you are voicing your excitement loudly to be heard by All……KNOWING you are safe and observing all the ride has to offer. Except, when you get off this ride….you land in an elevated space….beyond your current vision, words or human understanding.

And so it is dear ones. Love Train express is flowing.  All Aboard!


Blessings Voice of “THE ONE”
Renee Snider – Distribute freely and with loving discernment.


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