All on purpose

I live by the understanding that everything happens for a purpose. Good/Bad does not exist so much in the view as before. Everything has a meaning and purpose. Everything has great value. No matter what the thought, situation, event, challenge, pleasure, action, result – each is a teacher, a gift.

We receive “messages/meaning” from all things. Our bodies, the environment, an ache, a thought, an event, a song at the “right” time, a well place billboard or comment, a quiet inspired thought, a feeling within the heart at a certain moment, a feeling of yes move forward or no, this is not for you.

As energetic vessels walking around with energy and feelers streaming from us (all science) shows we pick up on everything and we “receive” information interpreted to us via our minds, bodies, heart, gut, feelings, knowingness, peace, etc.

PAY ATTENTION to all things. Become a little more observant within you and around you. If you begin to look at life in this way and allow the nature of things to speak to you, it will. You will be amazed at how you can elevate your life and navigate it more according to your pleasures and desires.

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