Another UpShift on the Way

Dear ones- massive cleansings of our bodies, minds and energetic fields continue…..and only deepen.  Pockets of breathing room barely in between.  Experiences can range depending on perspective, to life being hard and lots of illness,  to physical exhaustion, to nose bleeds, to short tempers, to avoidance, to mood swings, inability to sleep, not wanting food or eating too much…..foggy head, short term memory issues, anger, extreme lack of patience or job, relationship changes…… when that which is no longer supported by the increase in Light on our planet, will need to balance and upshift.   We are approaching several threshold of which Our Family of Light is speaking of….very “lightly”  :).  289034_265168973504259_237626232925200_966813_952778937_o Hold on to your Light.  Take care of your mind and body.  Rest as much as you can, be in the sun, be in nature.  Be in peace.  Much time for solitude, contemplation…and balance with community; loved ones.   Do not get lost in the downs, just observe.  Find the blessings…no matter how hard!  Find the blessing. Give gratitude of knowing that what is shifting or changing is for the better and good of ALL.

Several events are the fruits of our labors and work over time of us as a collective calling for higher order, for love, peace, harmony and equanimity for all.
Grand gifts will come forth.  They may seem like miracles or too good to be true, yet that is where we are moving to in our heading towards and seeing in “pockets” of time, space, consciousness and community.

We are going to experience the miracle of our Self.
Systems that support “all” come forth and new more encompassing ways of living to emerge.  Shortly to show…after our long path of patience and work.  More to do, but the heaviest part is about to be over in one aspect, then another level of work and creation come in…fueled with love.  Other grand shifts and threshold will ensure our path as it has been planned and part of the Divine Cycle.

Continue the inner work, the balance of being within.  The middle way.    No matter the belief, challenge or perspective, find your way back to love.  Believe in God.  Believe in Love.  Actualization of us as God and Love in Action is our mission, our job, our joy. Love one another.

With our open hearts, radiating love to All….we are,
The One.  We are You.

Blessings Be to all upon this holy day.

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