Approaching 6-6 – Venus Transit – Heart Opening

MAJOR clearings are taking place within.  Open yourself up to it….look at how those lower vibrations, that path of lesson is now ready to release!  Open the door for it and send it off with love.

As we approach the 6-6 Venus Transit, we are making way to hold even more depth of love vibrations.

You may feel like a tube of toothpaste….as we are asked to squeeeeezzzzze out the remaining falsehoods about who we are and how we “think” about our self and Self.  Flip your switch from brain view to heart view.


Observe how the mind compares, contradicts, judges, forces, limits, etc and how the heart will love you with truth (whatever it may be) and then ask you to step beyond it with faith, trust, courage, knowingness and peace within.


The heart is not blind to what is, but it does not try to validate why something is the way it is, the heart view asks you to see it, acknowledge it and move to yet a higher or more expanded place.  The heart recognizes illusion and knows greatness of All that is and without fail, will move you into totality of that, which you have always been, love expressed.

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