As Financial door closes, Freedom door opens

Financial aspects continue to move into a space of ending…a Grand door is preparing for closure that removes ALL beings from debt, slavery, fear, drudgery, control and untruth. This door as it closes – HEAR THIS ALL – A NEW PATH AWAITS. It is ready to go. So, as the word collapse comes up, hear with new ears…it is not a bad thing, for what follow is NEW and uplifted and has the support of The Divine as the Law of One incrementally returns to our awareness, our living reality.

debt forgivenessWe are experiencing the end of how our world and global society has been operating to keep the masses under control and unknowing of our ability, our inherent rights of being GOD FREE BEINGS!! This is truth unfolding. FEEL, contemplate, think, ponder, discuss, what it is to be DEBT FREE and with no debt to create! That we each have all that we need and then begin to work together to live in harmony and bring our world up to a new standard that supports ALL LIFE as sacred, honored, equal, important, valued, purposeful and well loved!

Add you Light, not your doubt to this unfoldment. Your very thoughts and words and ability to receive this is key to how fast it unfolds. We , you and me and all, as humans, our thoughts, our collective consciousness is paving the way for that which has already been Decreed by Thine Holy of Holies for all receive. We are being released from a long path of lesson, back to a natural process of expansion, of ascension in the body, to know, to really know and live in peace, harmony, love, to live Heaven on Earth. All adjustments continue on every level of our planet and our bodies. Rejoice in the renewal and elevation of Spirit on Earth as We return to integrity, sovereignty and love expressed.

And so it is.

Truth in Light


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