Bang up energies on their way

We are beginning a 6 week plus of bang up energy again. More forthcoming. In short, best to clean up what you have avoided or left undone. Get the old stuff out of your mind and body.

The NEW YOU is coming forth and old vibes, actions, habits, beliefs, relationships, patterns, addictions, thoughts…all gotta go. If not, they become even heavier. Do the head and heart work. All this to find your love for you. Love of all things.

Write down what you fear. Write down what needs to go or move to a higher level of understanding. Find your ways and means to release, let go, reframe, transmute those “things” tangible and intangible that are energetically still kicking your boo-hiney. Serve yourself up some courage, trust, faith and love to let it go, knowing all is Divine, all is well.

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