Be open to expand yourself

Every part of me is picking up that whatever is coming, whatever is gonna shift, whatever is gonna show up for…say 10-28…11-11 is…well, be MORE than we had anticipated. It is gonna surprise even those who do not surprise easily. They continue to share we are ahead of the energetic timeline in many ways, the ways that matter as a whole. Truly hold a vision of love and great anticipation of peace, love and wholeness for all. Hu-manity is about to go into overdrive. It’s all about love like we have never known and the feeling will be continuous and all encompassing. Keep your heart open to receive it. Keep your mind open to expand to what is may have not believed before was possible. It is time for personal expansion of your soul and of your being. It is time to know who we are at our higher levels of existence. It is simply, just time.

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