Be the example of word creation

Words have great power, even in “jest”.  We come forth to remind each being with open mind and heart and EARS to listen.  you are masterful creators of loving potentials, yet you speak with words of anger, degradation and judgment.  Let the mirror reflect back to you the love you send out and the words that support the life of living in truth of thy Creator.
That which you say is your creation tool for yourself and all of your human family.  Take your responsibility for this to Heart.  Say only that which you desire to be true for yourSelf and all others.

Be the example.  Have respect.  Language, whether human or the highest of Light, all create.  The difference is the awareness, knowingness and actualization.  This can be of quick discernment for each of you as your heart filter does not lie.  Listen to the heart.  Speak only of love or be silent.
The ego loves to be heard and seen.  Foster, speak and share that which expands each other.  Remember, your words and expression are of God origin and holy.  Time for man to remember his roots, not in earthly soil, but in the stars and heavens which are not melding with your New Earth of higher vibration.
Change is all around.  You are creating it and more so each day.  The importance of this sharing is vital to each of you.  Test it.  For it becomes more powerful by the hour.
Love be to each and all WE say.  WE are your Family of Light.  We are you at higher levels of existence of which we are in complete and total connection to Source.  We filter down energies of this One and All to you to WAKE you up to the TRUTH, LOVE and GLORY that you each are.
Ascension is at hand.   Speak truth, kindness and love.  Quit the games and self grandization.  Quit the tricks, the hypes and “approaches”.  Just be you without veils, illusions, tactics or pretenses.  Natural is what is God and is real.  Be that.  Be you.
We love you unconditionally and promise to continue to do our best to bring you Home in consciousness soon…in your bodies…in the New Earth.  All is well and on track.

Beloved Ones, I AM THAT I AM…and so are YOU!

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