Be the Light …..

…. And so we say during these times be the light. Know that here is a high vibrational light that is stirring up that which is not light. It’s time for man to truly know the love of thy God Self. The love that is God that runs through every molecule and every atom and every aspect of geometry every metratronic form of structure that is the fabric and tapestry and weaving and foundation of form coming to being. So this is a space of energetic transformation It is energy transforming.

And we say congratulations that it’s happening because of your choices. Each day in many ways you are choosing and choosing and choosing higher vibratory patterns. You are relinquishing that which no longer serves you . You are allowing the light to glow and bring to surface that which is not the light. The duality is leaving. The us and them, the you and me, the right and wrong the need to control. In comes the light, the glow…..Purity clarity knowingness benevolency.
Light Gallery 6-30-12 The One

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