Biological Connection

The human is a part of every ecological system; all systems. Nothing is separate. Our healing for Self is the healing of the planet. The healing of the planet is the healing of Self. There is no person, race, gender, group, etc that is separate from another, better, worse. Knowing that what is not of well being, balance, harmony, peaceful co-existence, cooperation, purposeful interaction and growth exchange is the VERY THING that REQUIRES love, understanding, compassion, attention, upgrade, healing, renewal, release from falsehoods-restraints-dis-ease-inorganic states-resistence-emotional and or egoic controls, fears and false limits.13177546_10209710688352876_4917811657045352491_n

We are One. This is science and spirituality in its heightened understanding. Not the falsehoods of some airy fairy comment or world order agenda. NATURALLY we are  ONE and governed (when adhering to the universal laws resembling morality, values, virtues) by One. Not a personal agenda, not a group or process veiled to control populations for manipultive purposes. The LAW OF ONE, is not associated with the NWO. And hence a whole other conversation here could be spoken upon in regards to how this negative agenda has taken all “lighted” words, teachings, activities, geometries, history, meaning, etc and purposeful, with great effort and trickery to make one believe Lighted activities or dark. When we work with our inner core self, heart self, heart consciousness, body communication, consciousness communication, truth meter, our inner instinct honed to greater intuitive nature, can SEE, SENSE and KNOW what is NOT our NATURAL God/Universe/Divine Presence/Creator/Source Connected State.

The Law of One returns. This happens innately THROUGH us and WITHIN us. Outside things may “spark’ it, but it unfolds as a knowing, realization, awareness, the “I can feel it”, the “knowing” with all of ones heart and soul aspect, for it will ALWAYS support in CLEAR VIEW and ALL ASPECTS of pure love, humane activities, open, free, clear, supportive, healing, non judgmental, non dictatorial, accepting, with resolution, and not based in any religion, title but that of NATURAL LAW governing ALL life as equal and living in total connection of harmony, surplus, expansion, not just life sustaining but renewal and growth.

We are One with all things, all is living, all is life, all is consciousness, all is frequency, all is science, all is spiritual, all is the One expressed as the many.

Grand Cosmic transformation, upgrade and renew continues on levels that mankind is JUST beginning to see, without understanding, truth, context or purposeful or conscious participation. Yet, it is occurring by Divine Concordance with Universal Cycles and Laws and humans are awakening in small and larger moments of upgrade of self choices, inner alignments, review of life choices and relationships. All is in a…well, a mix of chaos, change, clearing, final playout of old dramas and some of the most absurd belief and backward morals and systems ever to come into Light. GMO, Dis-ease medicine, tainted air, water and fight over resources and geographic locations, poisoning with vaccinations-food, technology overload and artificial intelligence seen as better than Natural human god design, the US electoral process in USA. No words, All stands as a test and play out of that which simply be non participatory and a new way of being, governing, living will and IS arising.

Choices are here for all at all levels of living in what has been a canned society structure dictated to us. We are free to CHOOSE how to live, what to give our time, attention, money, energy, interest, precious self to.

We are One. We are of Divine origin. Things have gotten “in the way” of knowing that, feeling that and rising into activities, practices, methods, foods, harmony with sun, water, body signals, etc to re-attune to this and expand, grow, rise in our own individual and collective body consciousness process.

Not a religion. Not for one, but for all. We are One. This is the Law of One returning. It is of Holy Origin, based in love, compassion, truth and takes inner work, review and release of inhibiting false structures within us – beliefs, limits, false stories and histories, emotional blocks, healing, etc, to experience individually this natural, amazing, yet very real process of our spiritual total body consciousness growth which brings greater understanding, connectivity, abilities, talents and life purpose. Nothing that is taught can bring this, show this, demonstrate this, for the PROOF is doing it and is SELF REALIZATION.

We are One.

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