Blue Moon Energies of Light

Blue Moon Energies bestowed upon us today are those of harmony and peace.  Breath them in.  Bask in the Light of the moon and receive the enhanced energies that continue to be shared by our Family of Light in support of our expansion and ascension!
The Goddess Energy strengthens and brings in more compassion, love and balance to Earth and to our magnetics/crystalline shifts.

Celebrate!  Dance in the Moonlight!  Sing your name oh Holy Ones.
Each of us,  like the Moon, reflecting the Light we each hold and lighting the path for all to move into love and oneness.
Blue moon.  Celestial energies igniting our very cells calling us to remember our Galactic origins and beyond to our very lineage to our Creator.  Celebrate the Light!  Live and Love from your heart!

Blessings to each of you upon this Holy Day.
The One Light of All That Is…You.

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