Humanity has crossed another threshold in “time”. A choice-point. Known at soul and heart level, movement into the appropriate frames of consciousness for each beings experience are now propelled forward. Some take their depart while others actualize their GodSelf into greater form. Dramas – wars over consciousness and control continue. And this will increase as patterns play-out that do not know any different and are fueled by heartless ones not choosing the Light or the returning of Christed Authority – The Law of One into these planes. The Light initiative regains precious ground nonetheless.

doortoairIn the inner realms of the heart space and out of the mental and emotional bodies and ASTRAL realms of illusion of “love and light” distractions for many spiritual seekers, the defining path of true ascension is full of work, balance, integration beyond the first stage of heart opening. Deeper courage, purification, vulnerability, mind and emotional control release-work-discernment, refrainment from outside and inside programmed and compromised information and finding, securing pieces and parts of self back into the Whole of Being is the requirement.

Many things are unfolding beyond the eyes and are of the fabric of creation and blueprint for the Earth. The “truth” is something that has many layers for the mind to accept to get to the heart and path of remembrance of the One Truth and its many manifestations, yet the Law of One, the Law of Love is the govern-ship of Creators Authority and it is returning. Truth is not debatable, it is known and it is a level of truth that is inherent in our heart, not in courts definition or individual. Truth is not argued upon, it just is. Humanity must RISE into greater morals, ethics and LIVE by the Laws of honor, trust, energy, accountability, responsibility, all these things of Sacred remembrance and honor that ALL LIFE is EQUAL, all LIFE IS ONE, for we are all of ONE SOURCE ENERGY, ONE LIGHT expressed as the many.

This has been “forgotten” and humanity is in fragments of its original self and origin. We are Sovereign beings. Much is projected and injected in mankind to purposefully not be aware, attuned or even inclined to hear these things, much less believe them. This is why one must rethink, re-feel, reclaim, review, re-access ones life, words, beliefs, structure, habits, needs, wants, relationships, and ways of the world over the ways of love and honor – of the heart.

Creating space beyond the words and programs in the head and find the peace in the heart, a connection, a feeling of knowing, of intuitive nature, NOT GUT, but of the heart and connection to the ORGANIC STATE OF ALL TRUTH AND LIVING LIGHT AND LIFE, this meter, when found, discerned, calibrated, is infallible. But, it takes work, and needs dusting off and use and practice, but will LEAD each person back to their own knowing and stream of Pure Source Living Light.

Mans highest expression timeline is firmly implanted upon Earth. Earth continues in the early stages of a long process of rehabilitation, upgrade and reseeding of the Law of One and upliftment back into the Kingdoms of God in form here.

We are God. We are Sovereign. We are Free.

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