Christic Energies of the Resurrection


Christic Energies continue to seed upon this planet, opening hearts. Expanding our capacity to love. We are upon another Christo Magnus Awakening. The true resurrection of the Christ within US as Christ embodied. Purification and patterns of perfection are on the forefront for ones awakening, First wavers in segments now. Harvest time, coming into Knowing of Self is Now and in September. The cycle will continue.

holy light iconGreat leaps in timelines, in consciousness are NOW and potentialized. Balancing the lower energies, release from mind control are first and foremost to gain sovereignty.

Let nothing keep you from finding and nurturing your own connection to God Source. For this is the TIME NOW upon this planet that the LAW and TRUTH of Creator returns. No one needs a building, a church, a place outside of self to connect or be worthy or be told that which is ones inherent natural process and right to connect to God Source. A loving

space. NOT ego, not the instinct, but the heart, the higher heart and cellular intelligence. God Consciousness.

By “doing the work”, becoming accountable and responsible for action, thought, motive, intent, deed, word is the ONLY way to know the Creator. We must self discipline, self correction, be of purity, rightful action, pure heart intent, compassionate, loving, peaceful, understanding, helpful, trustworthy, integrus, sincere, reliable, balanced, etc by our free will and due diligence. there are NO shortcuts. No magic energies. No modality. No person. No thing that can do IT for you.

This is the time to REALIZE this out of the religions, the programs that clearly have not given way for one to find for them self, God within and in All.

One is to be Christic ALL the time even when no one is “watching”. Harmlessness, merciful, patient, kind and respect for everyone, everything. Honoring all as sacred.
Nothing has changed. This is THE WAY for ALL. Only the teachings, the media, the churches, the falsified texts, the gurus, the intermediaries, fear, dogma, mind control, etc provide distractions and mistruths for gain…of control, money, power, when the POWER is WITHIN EACH BEING. Hence the distraction to the outside. Hence the repeat of patterns over and over again within society, world with little consciousness gain.

Seek the Kingdom of Heaven within. And so it is. It takes work, discipline and commitment to move past the layers of ego, of love and light, of feel good, to deeper layers of perfection and direct knowing and connection with SELF of all.
It is a place of perfect balance, peace, harmony, ethics, compassion and love.
Resurrect the Christ within. This was the message and continues to be. And so it is, Beloved Ones of Creator Source.

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