Closer to our true nature

The desire and effort for peace and well being for ALL life is greater than ever. Hence the greater absurdities in the mainstream for those feeling the “heat” of the Light and not wanting to relinquish the self proclaimed titles and controls. The Heart rules. The Light always prevails. Know this. BE the act of love and kindness. Speak the truth and call out that which is out of integrity, but not to shame or blame, only to acknowledge it is SEEN and no LONGER a control mechanism and is not adhered to.

Sovereignty of being, truth, peace, freedom is our natural state of being. Responses to violence, hate, anger, war, must be not of the same force for that only brings more of the same, but of course we know that basic fundamentality. Wisdom, emotional intelligence, Virtues of the good will, our core state of heart rise to see this and not tolerate, but acknowledge that which is not truth and quickly move to exhibit the life, the virtues, the community ways of being, the attributes and character one wants to receive.
This is the True Law of Nature, the Universal Law. Working with the law, brings peace, sovereignty, balance to all things. Self discipline to rise out of the lower animal instincts and into the heart is the true work. Any one can throw a stone. To catch it and not throw back and build a community with it IS the wisdom, the strength, the leadership, the truth of our God Source Nature. This is humanity’s path NOW to regain and reclaim as it is working with the process of Ascension, human evolution. Expanding in consciousness, wisdom and greater abilities – like loving more, self discipline, controls over emotion, integrity, kindness, compassion, consideration beyond the self, of one that always is in observance and honor of all life, all with meaning and purpose. We are this. GSF

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