Creational ability of thought

ONE of many things to re-member, know, activate and implement for the highest purpose of all life. Thoughts create. EVERY thought matters. It is not “alrigh10624942_10208679796101214_2634301139260016075_nt to have any thought” and believe it does not have impact, intention or creational and manifestation abilities. We are accountable for our thoughts and to check where they source from is unbelievably enlightening, as it can reveal most readily with practice, that we are outside influenced and all thoughts are NOT organic. Organic thoughts are ones that reflect our Divinity and take in account of the WHOLE of all life. Never self-ish, never controlling, never for only the “me”.

In using the tool of Conscious Overview and

Witness of Self, of ones thoughts, just to “see” and “observe” what comes up from the programs, from the unconscious, the “knee jerk” responses if you will. We find that they may not be from our own conscious choice, from the heart, from that which brings understanding, acceptance and balance.

This tool and practice reveals that we are experiencing controls, programming, infiltration and other inappropriate conditioning, inducement and implantations to keep one in the direction that serves self, serves the larger controlling mechanisms so one does not find ones power, ability and connection to Source Creator.

Once we begin to determine and rechoose, we begin to take back our ability, our power and conscious interactive responsibility to direct our intent and thoughts with appropriate and life supporting purpose.

We are this. This is a basic function of the human that has been glossed over, toxified and hidden and misdirected to believe we are to use the power of thought – the law of attraction to “get what we want”, to “create the life of our dreams”, to get that car, house, thing, etc.

This is MISDIRECTION of Source energy, fosters the service to self program and keeps one from using this ability, this power to actually regain enlightened states of conscious and return to the remembrance and ability of each ones soul purpose, of service to others.

In service to others, each fostering the good for the whole, there is no lack, no lower body desires and all needs are met. Universal Law.

We are God. We are Sovereign. We are Free.
We are Unity. We are One. We are Love.


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