Creator Light AS us flows forth

Smooth allowance of the Creator intelligence Light to flow through us AS us is our journey in this body at this time.  Regaining our God Free State of Thy Will be done.  The Law of Life, The Law of One, is the VASTNESS of Creator recognized in the aspects of peacefulness, loving, harmonious, egoless, agendaless, sentient, expanded frequency of the prior dormant DNA, brings forth the Creator ALIVE in us as us.  The nature of increasing vibration, increasing in intelligen1256535_10202151105688034_2081683110_nce of Light, universal knowingness, Beingness.

The unconscious becomes conscious.  The soul embodies, the Monadic self, the Krystos Risen – the Heiros Gamos.

Not in books. Not in the brain. Not in the rationale.  But in truth of purity of the vessel to no ego control, no attachment  to things, thoughts, identities, archetypes, outcomes and the Divine Will flows, that is the WILL of Creator is expressed by the WILL of the human as the alignment of this is the process and return to wholeness.

It is an ALLOWANCE of that WHICH IS to flow without intellectualizing it, tainting it or distorting it.

This IS a process.  Beyond words.  By experience.  By example. By balance.  By resonance. By peaceful nature. By wisdom of the lighted cells. By the process, the natural process of initiation, absorption, assimilation.

Limits cease.   Expansion continues within and without.

More is known, felt without words, books, classes, courses, etc.  These things open us up, reflect to us from the outer that which is the origin within.

Progression upon this path requires MUCH relentless work beyond many plateaus that are viewed superficially as “obtainment of the higher realms” when there is more to do, beyond love and light, beyond bliss, beyond creativity, beyond the dream of doing and having all, and from still service to self veiled as the enlightenment.

We move, again these are the highest potentials upon this planet based upon timelines, architecture, earth body, human body configurations, to resonate with the Ascension timeline. NOT all are desiring this, or even knowing it exists.   As the ego, and the three lower chakra bodies receive light, expansion, balance, healing, a voice to the falsehoods, programming release and parts returned, moving more into the heart and then truly experiencing ascension…into the higher spiritual bodies, the increasing levels of intelligence of God’s Light.

This is EXPERIENTIAL, this is consciousness, this is cellular knowing and what is NOW is not what was then.  We, humawaterfall walknity’s highest potential is the Upgraded Ascension Plan.

Many timelines, many realities, and truth be known, almost ALL is a distortion of God light.  To truly find this space, inner work, inner voice, heart knowing, removal and asking for release of mind programs, of manipulation of our bodies and energies of inorganic origin to be removed.  Finding ones CENTER POINT of neutrality is a key and core practice…discovering and becoming reeducated on the energies bodies, as much as been given only in pieces, NOT the whole…yes expansion, but not that which brings ascension, only expansion to a point…and self not knowing, has no way to discern as the falsehoods have become “ancient teachings”, “modalities”  and quick fixes because of inappropriate agendas placed upon the human.  These are pieces, just pieces to the grander veil that is being removed so humanity can gain true choices of ones path, to gain sovereignty, to be able to exercise will to choice to choose the highest paths with real reeducation of Self.

Ascension is the Divine Plan unfolding with New directives and alchemy.  Tune into Krystic energies. Invoke this choice by your command.  This is each beings right to know and govern ones ones bodies, to become whole, to transverse by sequency and frequency the planes of higher intelligence of the One.

Past astral distortions, past mirrored illusional realities, past ego desire and desire of the lower bodies based in instinct, desire, security, self- past lovey dovey stages, and through much much continuing deep inner challenges, balancing, release, and reclaimment of pieces and parts of the soul, and in alignment with that which the earth is healing and restoring multidimensional architecture, the elemental kingdom being upgraded and our entire planet and human bodies being overlighted with original Krystic templating that has been reversed for the whole.  Yes, the whole.  Much to know. Much to be informed, empowered and to regain the True history and current state of our realities.

The Light of Creator is pure and seeks to regain the alignment with itSelf through us.  this is our expression of Creator as ascension, human evolution brings us to graduating stages of increased well being, capability, inner vision, awareness, release of inor1391654_10152041216089734_1331731331_nganic programs and parts, experiencing more peace, connectiveness, more understanding and compassion.  It is about love. It is about Unity. It is about group, for the whole and not just the self or separation.

Call upon your highest Light.  Call upon your highest purest Light of your being to flow through you. Call for the Living Light of the Aurora Host, the Rainbow Lights.  Feel.  Feel with the feeling body, the self that which can bring upliftment, expansion and increased connectivity to this process of Ascension.

Beloveds, Love Thyself even more.

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