Crystalline Friendships

I had the most delightful day yesterday with a Brazilian mine owner and acquired some lovely new crystalline jewels and gained, or reacquainted with an old soul friend.  The owner, was a most kind, gentle quiet soul….was told He was another Grand Master of Light in disguise…sharing his tools across America. His family mine is in the lovely Minas Gerais state of Brazil. It was a most joyful experience and I AM excited to be blessed with as his stones and mine are grandly full of Light and carry a most lovely vibration of pure Christ Light.

‘The One” shared that this soft spoken being was of crystalline consciousness and is caretaker of these precious jewels and messengers of Light and the mine has been in his family for generations upon generations.

There were some powerful Lemurians – seeds and pinks just full of glyphs, record keepers and singing Lemurians…with a sweet, sweet sound. Adding to that…phenacite and petalite….we all were in a soupy mix of love all day…those will for sure be for an exlier or two..and others of course will be share. I hope to have them on my site in about two weeks or sooner! AND there was a most vibrant blue special find…not for sale..and on its way to Melody…destined to be a “Melody Stone”, was a bright blue aquamarine…natural formation resembling a fish. Spectacular…. Sharing a future entry into the Melody book of Stones… This pic of the sun shining it loving ascension energies illuminates this piece of crystalline magnificence.  Seems perfect in all ways. 🙂

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