Deep purification continues now

Deep Birthing taking place now from the inside out.

Positive Force of inorganic to organic. Deep purification. Realignment and integration of Divine Male and female principals. Deeper to go higher. Love. Forgiveness. Surrender a12592263_10209405423601448_8117081764582049279_nnd alignment to Divine Will. Contemplation, release. Lots and lots of hydration. Nutrition. Sun. Rest for the body to utilize the energy for core molecular and cellular shifts. Purging. Ending begins of the 13 stages of THIS round of the

Magnum Opus. Cycles within cycles.

And to come in mid April into beginning another Magnum Opus cycle round starting with…yes…. MORE purification.

Honor the body. Tune into the body and care of detoxifying, for support, for healing, for upgrade. Each one different as to needs and when and how. Careful to listen within as that which is deemed normal does not apply and has not for some time now.

Our greatest potentials for

consciousness emergence into our divine purpose are appearing and forthcoming over the next 90 days. A culmination of the past two years of the new return of Magnum Opus and prior for our spiritual alchemical journey of Krystic templating.

Window remains open for greatest growth, healing, acceleration through 2017.

Heed this time with reverence and knowing of its function, importance and interaction. For this is the space created for rebirth in accelerated space for self, for all, for earth as the Galactic Doors are open.

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