Denial when truth is heard

Many variables of this, yet the core is such, when truth is heard, there is denial. Closing the door, afraid to find out the truth is one of humanitys greatest weaknesses. It is our collective courage to seek, hear and know truth, NO MATTER WHAT, to obtain wisdom, knowledge, light. We each must listen to all matters and sides, to continually increase our awareness and to discern truth.12654623_10208831976345625_2774698871963136223_n We filter through our heart, our feeling bodies, our intuitive nature, other times we simply KNOW, another space it is OBVIOUS, and others, it is still managing our ego, with beliefs, with structures within us that foster our quandary, that make us question or make us hide, shut the door, for the FEAR of that which we have so dearly held too, clung to, may not be true, we shun it, without investigation – within and outside of our consciousness, our mind, our world.

The deceptions upon this plane is enormous. It is a place of lesson, of continued experience, witnessing, observing, investigating, feeling, testing, not just hearing, quoting, reverbaging the same old stories without ..evidence. And evidence is yes, tangible and then there is beyond the tangible, superseding the rationalizations, mind barriers and that of Proof in physical form. Truth, knowing, is beyond a physical construct, this is where much gets missed and lost in the lower mind, the lower bodies, of debate, argument, and show me. This is the place of consciousness, of heart, of feeling, of accessing higher senses that are more accurate that than which can be created in the physical and is total false, yet no one “sees”, for it is so ingrained, and one must be willing to go beyond what is known, to expand into more….truth.

The truth stands. The Light always prevails.

The Light when shined upon the dark, is illuminating. Nothing to fear. No doors to close. No blocks to be put up, only gain in strength, truth, understanding and alignment with that which is felt, known to be life supportive, loving, accepting, all encompassing and by no means, hiding, separative, in congruent, speaking words of love and then turning the back, false praises, egoic actions without heart…the truth is hard only when one is attached or out of alignment awaiting the greater lesson of the growth offered. Sometimes our very soul depends upon hearing and feeling in totality of our own heart and no other voice that the Light, the truth is speaking to bring one into harmony with self.

Mad…yes. We hold love for those mad, those in dissension states, with attachments and that wanting physical force, hurt or pain to another or self and not yet able, willing to hear truth of higher harmonies. No one is living a lie, we ALL are coming out of falsehoods on all levels. We honor it in all. The key is to know, see, be bold, be courageous, be willing to know that all is not known, no matter how real it may seem and seek the highest truth for the good of ALL.

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