Detachment brings freedom and inner peace

1146597_586814018037334_1092408171_nAttachment comes in many forms and layers.  This is a universal teaching.  Attachment looks like dependency – need – separation from Source – unworthiness – doubt – lack of commitment to Self – needing something to be a certain way/result to feel better or have that false outside sense of “security”.

Detachment ….allowance, grand expectation of knowing whatever shows is perfect, yet not tied to the limited human result expectation.  It is freedom. We are Divine life, we are inherent to All That Is. That is an abundance that comes to us of all things, all that we need to live, enjoy, be, share when we break our own inner codes of grander Self, connection to Source.  This is spiritual law, spiritual science.  One that evidences itself as truth.  Trust, Faith, listening to the heart, living and practicing peace, kindness, compassion, sincerity, never for personal gain but always for the good of All – this energy, this space of dimensionality/energy/consciousness brings forth New laws of action not based in duality/3d/density dimension.

Detachment is seeing what is as it is, loving it, accepting it, there fore you are not tied to it, thinking about it, worrying over it, trying to control something for your own specific outcome, peace, pleasure, lack of pain, etc.  It is ironic because we want peace, security, comfort, assurity, abundance, but it is knowing we own nothing, yet have have and are everything.

When we claim ownership for ALL instead of pieces , we step into Guardian roles.  This serves each of us because the assurity is that all is maintained for the use, sharing, service of all life.  Letting go.  Release.  This is done in the mind and the heart and upgrades consciousness. It is an important step in the ascension process, for the veils of illusion come down.

Heart of LoveThe Heartspace is our connection of our Wiser Selves, to Creator and as we embrace more of the Creator Virtues and releases control, doubts, fear, we embrace our higher aspects.  These things shift us chemically, biologically, in DNA, in energetic bodies and fields of light, consciousness expands, new perspective appear…as we see more than before…of what has always been there awaiting our realization.  Expand the heartspace, connect, listen, honor the voice of the heart, of Creator and reality changes within and outside.  And thus in this way we are creating our New Earth.

Blessings upon blessings to all upon this sacred day.

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