Digging ever Deeper within. Breath

digging deep7-17   Power Day.  Deeper we go into the energies…preparing for yet another round of ….every finer vibrations of Creator Light.  Breath.  Our breathe is our number one tool first and foremost as it is our path of ever increasing management of life, of sustenance.  Get a massage or self massage. Massage, Acupressure, acu touch, all over the body, back between the shoulder blades with main prana comes in, as with the head, the meridian lines  = and these now are trans-versing the Cosmos and are VERY busy.  Massage, self energize, all chakra points known and unknown with your visualization of clearing loving energies through your body.

Emotionally, love everything, honor everything, every experience and let it go. Forgive.  See the lesson. Let it go.  See that you would make a higher choice now, if you have feelings of guilt or regret. RELEASE these toxic feelings.  Honor yourself for your understanding.  Honor yourself for doing good things. Honor yourself for having the courage to look, feel, cry, have remorse, but then RISE!  Rise into love. Rise into self release of the prison created of shame or guilt and honor yourself for the road taken.  Love yourself for the journey.  Love yourself for seeing more caring options and paths.  Release the baggage, LIGHTEN the load.  Forgive self and others.  Every one is just a reflection of us.  We ALL have similar if not the same exact patterns and lessons to love ourself up in choice, in goodness, in that which brings peace to self and all.

You are whole and perfect and the hardships, the tests, the reflections are to remind us to love ourselves and every one for we are not separate.  All that we are in, in this pocket of codes and cycles are a triune pattern of tetrahedronal amplification. Pyramidal structures tetrahedralare ramping up…on and off planet. Pyramid of Light as our communication to other realms opens up further.  Pyramid of Light…that is in every cell and particle of our bodies……deep it goes, we say.  The Pyramid of Light for group service is sizzling in new lights and energies. Our trinary nature also corresponds to the perfect balance between the 3 planes of consciousness: the plane of mind, the plane of spirit and the plane of will. Brilliant!

Sharing from a Blog from Red Queen on the 13 perceptions posted – .We are preparing to open the Second Light gate of the 7-year cycle (2013-2020) of the New Beam entering us into the Red Solar Moon Year (July 26, 2014). This is the year of supreme healing. Solar Moon indicates the balance of yin and yang/masculine and feminine energies required for the balance of ourselves and our planet.

Three Super moons, each building upon the other, digging emotionally to the root of all within all, mankinds collective bodies…..cycle of nines and threes coming for completion of this in September.  Eights and threes rule for August.

Cycles within cycles, wheels within wheels, all coming together for highest good purpose for humanity based on Divine Decree, Soul agreement and Hue-man rising into Creator vibrations.  Uplift Self and others during these times as the old and mistruths and falsehoods appear, fall away for the new to come, to unfold, to emerge, to be created.

We are not creating from the old ways, from advice, From history, or best practices, from the same level of consciousness. We are rising into caring, feeling nature and out of serving self but to serve ALL.  We are rising to our inner Divine Self with Knowing and empowerment and thus creating from that space in every purposed heartfelt thought, intention and act.

love doveWE KNOW inherently how to be and serve all.  Divine Inspiration is pouring in to those helping to lead the way, with New that serves all.  New for this humanity, new technologies, new community, new art, new expressions of creativity, new healing, new understanding, new holistic and complimentary offerings.  New, returning to purity.  Pure foods. Pure Water.  Pure Nature. Natural without chemicals or additives.  Same with human, without sitting glued to phones and texting, to news, to that which comes form the outside of us, but originates from within…a space that is nurtured, quiet, still, peaceful, center point. That which serves all at not just the one in the body.  But One in ALL the bodies of life.

Energies again, ask us to step up, step up, step up!  We can and are doing this.  KNOW we are well supported by the company of Heaven, our guides, angels, family of Light.  Find your center point of peace and balance.  See it for your Self and ALL beings.  We are in this together.  Love begats love.

Rest.  Breath.  Allow.  Love.  Honor.  Peace.  Universal Connection. Drink lots of pure water.  Hydrate.  Create and cultivate quiet time.  Listen to the increased activity of nature, of the birds…singing.  Together we cross over this next bridge, wave of energies.  Love be to all sweet precious ones.

link to 13 Perception blog post – http://1320frequencyshift.wordpress.com/  lots of deeper insights and info for deep insight and contemplation…..

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