Direct Connection available at All Times

Direct Connection. Available at any and all times. The “temple” is no longer a building, never was. Man is rising to know this truth in these times of increased stellar activations, human evolution, acceleration of frequencies that set our tone, rhythm, our ability to advance in consciousness, to view reality from beyond the current physics understandings. The temple, the place of the Most Divine, that we ALL are inherent to, Sourced from, and accountable to the laws of Nature, are here now in our very midst, within us and outside of us, everywhere.

12592223_10208837237397148_6694716069589759962_nThese are the Times spoken of, yet not with the doom and gloom, that is man made crap for control. If in fear, can not connect. If in doubt, pain, ego, no clear connection. If in brain and mind, over heart and feelings still, perhaps some connection, but with great distortion and manipulation from those not wanting us to have a Clear Creator Connection.

Go to the heart. FEEL.

We become powerful in love and truth and balancing self and environment by our expansion in consciousness, releasing these falsehoods allows these frequencies, these connections to come into our awareness, for they are always there.

Go within. Find peace and quiet. Ask to know your purest Self. Ask to connect to that which is the Source of Eternal Living Light. As to know that which created you with love and joy.

Not punishment, shame, guilt tactics. That is a God created by man for manipulation with a figure head to filter and give man even further controls for selfish purposes. Masses, open your hearts. Feel okay to challenge the books, the people, the guilt in the head. Our creator is not a judge on a throne, our images of ascension are not of a being on a cross being crucified and tortured.

Does it not make even basic logical heart sense that a Loving Creator does not torture, does not take people or animals for sacrifice? Why would we worship a idol, figure head, another divine being in torture on a cross and think that represent this Massive, Omnipresent, Benevolent, beyond words and understanding, Fabric of Light that encompasses everything, that is love, compassion, truth, purity?

Find the love of s/Self within and see it everywhere. See beyond the controls of the lower forces in people and controlling factions, corporations, false created leaders and self made and appointed dividing ways of living. Feel free and okay to go within and ask these questions to your heart, to that which created us all, that which we are birthed from.

It is okay to feel love. It is okay to know we have never done anything wrong. It is okay to know that we are divine. And with this knowing, we can find the path, the process of self reflection, self correction, higher choices, exampling being love in action, open our hearts, share, foster understanding, unity, compassion and in that find that we rise into advanced ways of living. Living from the heart and in unision of our Divine community of truth and love that which is how we are to be.

We expand into higher virtues. We expand in our capabilities. We self heal. We see what we didn’t see before. We forgive. We move into acceptance, empowerment, creativity, sovereignty. These is all here now, by participation, choice, observation, work, action, deep regard for life, higher choices, honoring self and all. Love is this. Ascension is this.

This is now in our bodies in these moments.

No one need go anywhere. We have and are blessed with some upon this planet with this knowing. We listen. We observe. They are our Guides and Mentors. They are NOT our gurus and know it alls. A process of increasing expansion in consciousness and “time” and well being, capabilities, inner heart knowing of our truest self. They/we lead the way to the path of the return to equality, freedom, liberation, peace, self knowing, unity and sovereignty. We are One. God. Sovereign. Free.

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