Discerning ego vs Soul

13151644_10209674857337123_8235352638053961713_nAs always, a perspective and for your personal discernment. Take what serves.

A reflection to see what is NOT our natural self, the ego, the “negative ego” vs that which begins to access our Divine selves, soul body is this. We are in times of being “compromised” as to what is our TRUE self and what is projected, implanted, inorganic, distorted, false, programmed, unconscious, etc. Seeing this, recognizing this is an empowering step in our personal spiritual growth, in reclaiming our truth, our control over our emotions, thoughts, responses, beliefs, virtues, principals, ….operating system.
Choosing thoughts. Reviewing that which comes out of our mouth, what simmers in our thoughts, what we respond or react with and to are excellent self awareness activities that with love, non judgment, with quest for truth and self sovereignty lead to a continued and deeper activity of reclaiming our Truest Divine Self.

When we see what within us, is NOT us, not our true nature, not natural to us, we can begin to cull through our thoughts, one by one, review and reuse our reaction to appropriate response, reviewing motivation from anger, hurt, rejection, projection to heal their underlying brewing discords to acceptance and understanding. Forgiveness is most necessary as it compassion. These tools, review, practices bring us into greater well being, greater self/Self understanding. New doors of innate knowing, intuitive self begins to surface, FEELINGS become connected to the heart, sensing and feeling more than can be seen. A great truth meter reveals itself. Some in pieces, then a door opens with our consciousness, heart…leads us more and more in the direction of harmony, right action, unified understanding of all life.

Ego, well we know what that is as it is the basic program and activity upon this planet of selfishness, control, separation, money greed based, lies, deception, low standards, untrustworthy, sarcasm, belittlement, judgement, narcissism, bullying, tyranny, look over here but not over there, deception, non accountability, blame, worried about labels, titles, position, security, status, etc.

Our capability, our ability is now. It is free. Nothing to buy. No book, modality, session, coaching, teaching can DO for you that which is yours to do. These outside things have purpose of showing, sharing, providing choice, understanding, options, paths, feedback, things not seen or heard before, we are EVER grateful for these avenues, persons, for they open doors, YET, we are only empowered by our our choice, our actions, and our own personal connection to our True Divine Connection. All on the outside are various levels of frequential aspects of what is available to us. Finding and ability to see that which is of purity is the task. What is truth, or that which is the highest we can see, accept, discern and align to, as God is nothing but increasing vibration of consciousness of experience.

It is our free choice, of will, our account of ability (accountability) of inner work with non ending effort, to clean our inner house of that which is lower realm ego, negative programming, false beliefs, programs to find higher morals, values. We must determine that which is false ego over our higher Self/Inner directed. Clear up authority issues within. First is to KNOW there is an issue, when 3d, mentalizing will not see this. So, one must go deeper than the surface, that which is analytical, outside to go within to this infinite well of inner sanctum to seek it, find it, utilize it. The core of our being and is for each one to find, reclaim and nurture. One must be in alignment to Know Creator. It is on the inside, not the outside and is not through any other being. We are to be and are Self sovereign. We connect on the inner place to the larger whole which we are Sourced from and blessed with our unique interdependent expression.

Get the ego out of control. Find the freedom of the truth of your loving natural whole, blessed self. As you are fearless, empowered, you empower others.

Inquire within. Love abounds. Work, work, work, work yields ones majesty of your authentic precious Divine self.

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