Discover your Self within

125When we “find out” that we are Divine beings, energy, spirit in a body that has chosen this experience fears dissolve. Fear, separation, lack and other control aspects no longer control our mind, our spirit, our being. For we are of Divine origin and are here for a purpose. All things have a plan, a purpose. We are of an energy that is ongoing and does not perish or degrade. All things are of this. We are at the time of some of the deepest inner reflective times there is. Love is the ultimate healer and gift. Loving ourselves, loving the Divine, we merge back into One. This is impervious to anything that happens to us or is perceived on the outside of our consciousness.

We are inherent of living without fear of this or that or too afraid to even speak of something that we continue to deny, withdraw and hide allowing the outside of ourselves, the thoughts and dogma to be our governship over us. Look within your own heart. Love yourself without judgment, we are the only ones who judge and belittles ourselves. Creator loves us immeasurably. Our ability to choose, to expand into our own inner Self and consciousness is the path to realize this. It is ALWAYS THERE.

We must release ourselves from our own prison of our own making…our thoughts and beliefs. You can look to the left of you and the right of you on the outside and see the effects of others thoughts and experiences. When you see those who are in joy, love, acceptance and peace, ask, inquire, observe = what are they doing, what do they know. Do the same for those in anger, fear, lack, argumentative states and see what they are doing, saying and believing. Then go within….find out what you are really believing and saying to yourself. As the master controller and chooser of your life, your body and your experience, self correct to upgrade your own being.

This is our responsibility and free will choice to live in ways that support love, live and bring forth solutions, creativity, and community. We create this. Choose. Now is the time. We are on the brink of major course creation within and outside of us. It is okay to be happy. It is okay to be loving. Open your heart and love you. We are all connected and this love is amplified by humanity and the heavens. Love is all that we are. When we deny this, pain, suffering, discord, hardship remains. Life is to be enjoyed and experienced, not lived as a moment to moment roller coaster of fears. Love expressed. That is the human and our evolution that is taking place now, our ability to choose and by inner work to face, release and empower ourselves with love and light.

The path is now… Love yourself. Love yourSelf. Love all.

What a gift this is to have this choice.

We are blessed. We are grateful.

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