Divine purpose

Each and Every ONE here with Divine Purpose – awaiting realization, actualization, acknowledgment, implementation, revealment, sculpting, unfoldment, participation, conscious work for removal of all layers of illusion, falsehoods, reversals against it.

We are here for our Divine purpose, not slavery, selfish interest or creation or warring, etc. The Divine Plan is already known. It just needs our will to align, our inner and outer ears and eyes to see and hear, choice, and allowance for it to unveil it Self through us. We are this.

We are not the illusion that is the present social-economic-acedemic-political worldscape. Grand Choice is at hand. Heart guides and leads us to this knowing, this truth, this opportunity.

All will know…Inquire Within. Internal Focus. Love s/Self, Love All. One for All, All for One.


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