Do No harm – Universal Law

Universal Law – Do no harm.  This means nothing purposeful with intent.  We may say or be or do, and “others” will have re-actions based upon their “perception” of wrong, right, bad, good, victim or separation-So this is not what we speak of.  We speak of purposefully, willfully using the Light, life, breath to hurt, demean, degrade, separate, or belittle another.  Acts of war, of violence, of non acceptance, of fear mostly and devoid of light, intelligent and loving light, are of mans misuse and serves not.  Accountability, conscious, integrus, honest, use of our light/love/light is our job and mastery that serves ALL equally.  Be the love.  Let go of fear, projection of darkness, fear, evil, hurt, war, pain, them, paranoia, less than.  YOU are LOVE. You are worthy. You are inherent to abundance of all good things. No man determines this.
Take the light of life GIVEN to us on LOAN and use it to uplift all and stand in truth in all things.  When love and light are in right action all is returned and expanded 1000 fold.  The Law of do no harm, the law of the Circle is Science.  Creator certified and never waivers in results.  Love thyself.  Love all.  Live, love, listen and speak with pure integrity that honors all.  The walls come down, the resistance and force disappear and we honor all life as sacred, for it is.  IF ALL PEOPLE would simply practice this with ALL OF ONES HEART, mass upgrade, transformation, abundance, plenty, peace, harmony will be the immediate result.  There will be plenty of all good things for all.

This is truth.  This is what is happening to all people right now through the heart space as Creator/Lifeforce/Source/All This Is expands upon our planes of existence with increased vibration allowing us to return to Truth in Light, via consciousness.  That which has always been.  Join in.  Meditate. Find stillness in the Secret Place of Most High.  Nothing has changed of these truths known, shared, scribed, taught, felt, experienced.  It is now mans call to rise above egoic, little self serving agendas of control, money, fear and let go.

For we all are ONE, no matter where one is in lesson, karma, path, awareness.  We must love and accept all, and to do experience that which is truth, we must stop the small self and allow the streams of love and peace and harmony flow without mind games and limited brain rationales.

Our Creator/latticework of all life in flow and harmony supercedes these things and reminds us to see that which unfolds all around us, Nature, the cycles of rebirth and renewal.  The growth, the expansion, the harvest of fruits and work and focus given. We are these things. Universal laws, simple, complex both, yet very apparent in all life.

Align with the flow, and be the love expression we are to be and all resistance, fear, dis-ease, separation, lack begin to dissolve and fruits of good come forth.  Beloved ones, sovereignty is ours and always has been.

Love is all there is.

We stand in the Light of the One.

Nothing has changed.

Blessed are we all.

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