Dragonfly welcome

I had this most beautiful large green Dragonfly welcome me home last night flying around my front light. Unusual timing, but a sign of expansion and of joy fluttering! We are in an integration period and a breathing space to align all the energies that have been bombarding us, flooding in, floating in, rising up, uncoding, sun energies. Language of Light, Solar energies, …whew and more and more.

So, take this time…while we have it to rest, recoupe, assimilate, breath, chill, be. For we are getting prepped for the culminating wave forward for the path and push to get as many souls awakened and for the physical elevation of Mother Earth into the 4th Dimensional platform for the New Earth Reality to take physical hold. It is a huge shift and jump coming,….so within our individual consciousnesses and others in our outer vision and world reality.
Love yourself forward. Love all. Send out love waves to all and be that love

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