Efforts to End modern Slavery

Hard to believe yet true and rampant upon our world and effecting our global family.  eyes wide open…

Valiant work. Truth comes up ever more than we must hold compassion for as well as relentless desire to dismantle the falsehoods, lies and continued coverups. WE have this power, this right to restore integrity, freedom and to know the REAL truth of what is happening in our world. This is NOT our agreement, our way of Being. This is NOT the human and is projected upon us. The Human is truly a loving, caring, peaceful, respectful, being. Manipulations, torture, falsehoods, lies, control, programming….and more continue to come into awareness to be seen, witnessed, known, reveled. Knowledge is power. If we KNOW, we get to choose, change, upgrade and not allow, nor repeat that which does not HONOR ALL LIFE. Let us love again freely and openly by protecting our species as a whole family without border, labels, or agendas. One for All and All for One.

Prayer for freedom for all-

Beloved Creator, let all Beings be FREE of Suffering and to be a KNOWER of you. Let us open our hearts, reconnect to your Divine Essence and FEEL empathy, love, compassion for all. Let us BE your GOOD WILL in action and bring us ALL back together in HEART. Let us SEE past the illusion of separation and gain back our INNER SIGHT. We are all One. Let us with our heart, our choice and action, end suffering, torture, war, separation and let the walls and veils come down. Let us have the courage to use our voice, our outer and inner voice to speak truth and be a positive force of good in this world.

Let this be so.


Ashton Kutcher article Ending Modern Slavery artucle  

Cause: Ending modern slavery, which the State Department defines as human trafficking in which people are exploited for labor or sex.

Celeb: Ashton Kutcher, the former underwear model-turned-TV star whose goofy demeanor and early stoner/slacker roles (think “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “That ’70s Show”) belie the entrepreneur and tech investor he has become.

Kutcher’s got cred on the issue at hand: He’s the co-founder of Thorn, an organization he established with his now-ex-wife, actress Demi Moore, that uses technology to help identify and locate trafficking victims.

Scene: A hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where though the topic was weighty, there were a few lighthearted moments for the actor, who looked Senate-appropriate in a dark suit and tie (though his tousled hair was decidedly un-Washington).

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