Electrical Storm of the Heart

ReneeSnider.comlightsWhat an electrical storm last night!!!

Bringing forth clearing, very intense energies as the 3rd Ray of Divine Love bestowed ever greater frequencies of love, truth, compassion,self love, …love THE Cohesion and substance of ALL things. Greater truths are ever available to one. GO WITHIN. Open the door to the heart, create space, breath in, find stillness. Breath in peace. Breath out peace. Breath in love. Breath out love. FEEL what this brings. Appropriate quiet calm space is needed to FEEL and recognize the POWER to draw forth these Creator Lights, These Virtues of Sacred Fire. Humanity is in constant receipt and living within these FEELINGS, these vibrations, these emanations of creational tools and experiences.

Be the power over your thoughts. Be the power over your feelings. CHOOSE. Be firm and knowing of the result you create by your cause, your word, your voice. Feel what you bring forth. Realize your capability and power to stop anger, hate, fear, unworthiness, jealousy, etc. Choose and elevate your feelings, your vibration, your experience by choosing love. Breath it in. Stronger than ever and it is FREE TO ALL LIFE. Be in Love, Beloved Ones. The path now narrows ever finer for choices made.

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