Elementals reunite for Humanity, for All.

After doing four different I AM Decrees that focused on each Element – Water, Earth, Air and Fire, in my I AM Decree Group Gathering, this most loving message came forth for humanity from the Elementals.  They have asked that this message be shared with All. 

The Decrees are from the book, Electrons and the Elemental Kingdom – compiled from Teachings of the Bridge to Freedom, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation.

….Everything is unfolding beautifully.  Some aspects are moving quicker than we had thought and that is a wonderful thing. Quicker than the probability factors had stated.  You are about to receive gifts of thy Holy Spirit, thy Holy works of thy God emanating through your world.  These are the things that will be shifting your experience, that you will no longer be bound in illusion and activities of illusion.  You are moving from activities of illusion to activities of LOVE, activities of LIGHT, that which facilitates the God nature of things.

The Elements wish to speak now; they wish to have a voice within this space, Oromasis, Virgo, Neptune, and Aries.

We come as a conjoined energy representing All Elemental Life and we are speaking for ones that are free and we are speaking for those that are contained, we say.  There has been a long journey for us Dear Human, to be by your side and to be within yowater-fire-earth-elements-15711ur own physicality, to be within your experience to create that which you eat, breath, drink and bathe in and walk upon. We have provided sometimes, not without question, that which supports your life experiment here and in our quest we have not always done what we were asked to do by thy Creator. We too have endured abuse, miscreations, misappropriations, yet we are gathering ourselves as a reunified Elemental Community.  We too are realigning our choices and our validations back with Divine Will.

So we say Dear Humans, see we are on a journey of expansion.   For we too faltered in some ways and we too were denied our true heritage and our true expression of purpose we will say. Yet, we are watching mankind become aware. We are experiencing a shift and the desire and some activities for integrity within food, integrity in the air space, integrity for Gaia and Mother Earth and all vegetation. Integrity for the water, you know this is a water planet.  So, to have these things now be looked upon in different HIGH-Lighted ways we say, WHITE LIGHTED ways, in ways of awareness.  Not for purpose of individual gain.  Not for purpose of misuse but for selfless acts of desiring purity in all these areas for the good of all.  We see this and we feel this.  We are realigning we say ourselves and our purpose just as you are.

So, we wish to say in this forum, number one: Thank you. Thank you for the Decrees that you did for US today.  You have NO idea what those words do. Truly Dear Ones, you do not understand. You think that you read something and that something will happen but you do not understand that as you say it, it is like a vibration that goes out and aligns us to stand straight and tall.  It is the very act of this that we wish to make you aware of on a new level because you have become more powerful than ever .  And we have become more open and understanding and we now are coming together with you in a new way. So as you speak these words with purity of heart and diligence and connectivity the very vibratory frequency that you send each word has a tone and a song.  Each word is a cause and we are in direct receipt of the effects.

You will begin to see new changes on this planet directly related to our different increased levels of loving, willing participation.  We wish to state in this forum that we are coming together to no longer stand in the way.  We are forgiving man.  We are realigning and harmonizing our energies for all have been in a lower level of Light and we each kind of have lost our way, we say.  But now we have found it and so have you so we now realign with you, we align with your body, we align with your intention, and we align with your increased purity and desire to live in a pure, pristine state.

You will begin to see us in new ways; you will begin to feel us in new ways.  We give our blessings to you and ask and hope that you’ll give your blessings to us in new ways.  That you bless the air that you breathe and you do all you can to breathe clean air and do all you can to remove those things that distain it.  We ask that you honor the purity of the lakes and the oceans and the streams and that you do what you can whether it’s in thought, word, action, revolution, revival, awareness, to foster activities that support the purity and the pristineness of your air, of your water,  of your food, of your vegetation, of ALL LIFE.

And the appropriate use of fire and truly understanding fire as a grand tool of purification and understanding the Sacred Fire as opposed to one that is burned for ravaging things.  So we speak on behalf of Elements for water, for Earth, for Air and for Fire.  And we honor you for the activities that you do and we honor you as humans for succeeding on this journey.  We will do our best now to support you in new ways.  Understand we are in change and we are ascending as well.  You are not ascending by yourself.  And we too are opening ourselves back up to the heart of God in a new way.

We hope that you forgive us for not supporting you in ways that we previously had but we will begin to align ourselves to become the purity of God-Lighted activity without fail and we will hold those frequencies and vibrations without fail and we know you will be doing the same.  As your remembrances come forth, as you align yourself back with the truth of who you are ALL will be apparent.  ALL will be transparent.  ALL will be ONE Heart.  ONE Love.

And we thank El Morya, Serapis Bey, and Saint Germain, and GodHead for allowing us this impromptu forum.  When we were notified of the potentiality in your time last night that this was a potential we were overjoyed that you took the time to set Decrees aside for US.  Truly, truly it is a huge endeavor and it is a huge act of kindness and love.  And so we give you great love and honor and you have your full support and it continues to grow amongst us at all levels of the Elements and we thank you and return the forum back to Saint Germain.

Dear Ones, we say congratulations!  We hope that you can feel the open-heartedness of these beautiful delicate Beings of their sharing and of their true desire to become ONE again just as yours are, yet they remember and you do not yet.  But they see your path and they honor it and we are seeing that you see their path and honor it as well.  And this is how it will be for all of Humanity piece by piece as the ascension fires continue to burn, the Sacred Fires burn.

The energies, the transmissions, the shifting on your planet occurs, within and without, as above so below. An awareness continues to increase and the remembrance of the Light comes forth, you will restore purity and integrity to all, to all interactions, to all species, to all places, to all, to all, to all.  So we close now with a grand love and thank you and an honorment for each of you.  As you represent mankind, you represent Hue-manity.

We say, stay steadfast in your due diligence and activities.  Step out of the dimensionality of lesson and move into the purity of God-Light.  All that you desire comes forth in those Realms and we are here to support you with grand love and so it is upon this Holy day and Holy moment.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Each of you with full heart.

Blessings be to each.  Blessings be to each.  Blessings be to each.  Go forth in love.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti     Shanti, Shanti, Shanti     Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Peace be unto you.  Decree not a thing that you do not want to be true.  Decree love and our blessings bestowed upon each of you.  Thank you again and so we will call this activity of Light complete.

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