Embrace all – Unity

Union, collaboration, unity, respect, wholeness, equality all bring resolution to separation and differences of discord. Embracement, understand, respect of others, of all things drives intelligence, order and utilization of diversity. Union is our natural state. Together. Harmonious. One. Also a sign of emotional and spiritual maturity.

We strive, learn, intend, work, re-educate and lift ourselves out of false teachings of separation, borders, them and us, fear mongering, distrust, blame and hate.


Peace, harmony, acceptance, structure, inclusivity, honoring is our natural ways of being. Teachings, hype, pressure, mass hypnosis etc designed to keep humanity from knowing its power in its innate abilities when joined in union of heart and soul.

Pairing us as

opposites in every situation, business, religion, politics, etc is only a “game” and “ploy” of dis empowerment, distraction and keep the populaces busy in lower vibes of non resolution and fighting among the

mselves. When the power is not in the system, but disengaging in the system and creating anew out of it that reflects union. This is simple knowledge, but ego loves “a good fight” and hence, the need, the diligence, the strong, strong, pull to let it go and find the heart space connection to our personal connection to Divine Source. That which supersedes religion and brings us back into HUMANITY origin of Divine nature where we are One as the many.

Love. Understanding. Being kind. Harmless. Life supporting. Respectful. Caring. Mercy. Forgiveness. Peace. Right Action. Equality. Open. Free. Transparent. Trustworthy.

God. Sovereign. Free.

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