Energetic preview of 2012?

Lots of processing of energies going on. If this is your experience, then hold on. We are being given an opportunity to really look deep, to look at patterns from many lives and to bring more balance to the ego/personality aspect of ourselves. KNOW that the ego wishes to avoid this at all cost. It may make things appear that there is no rush, no hurry, just “stay where you are at and it is all good”….this area takes lots of discernment to see if this is really the truth being experienced or the ego saying slow down, hang here, its comfortable. When the spirit side, may be saying, all is in love, but push forward, get out of the illusion of “outside comfort” and go within to release the perceptions to see the higher light coming in. Again, this is a tricky spot, as ego will put up any and all blocks to create a perceived space of “all is well – go no further” when the path gets narrower and more focused on love, truth and pure service. This goes for word, food, energies kept in the midst, choices, patterns, interaction with the environment, self care, triggers, acceptance, etc. Higher energies are about to come in for moving us into the time warp that 2012 will be. If one desires to ride the next wave of energies, then this is the threshold you are experiencing right now. Choose, make the choice and walk it…the best you can, Spirit will come in with further support to help the areas lagging…now and into next year. Just gotta be bold enough and gentle enough at the same time to step through the illusion that our ego has created. Be gentle with yourself. Observe yourself and what you believe. Are you actually living, being and acting upon what you believe. Are you congruent with your intention? I am hanging on as the bulldozer is still bull dozing. Sending love and light to all as we move into preparation of higher ground…yet again. The spiral continues to move upward and upward and upward and expand, expand, expand. WHEW! Wonder what 2012 will be like…if this is the opening act!

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