Energies of the planets, sun, stars and moon.

We know by now that we as human beings – beings made up of energy and frequencies.  We are deeply effected by magnetics, by frequencies, by the movement of the moon, sun, stars and planets. They effect our land, our water, the cycles, our entire planet. Science is always learning more about our relationship to everything. We are in the midst of lots of moon and sun energies.

If this is new to you, please keep an OPEN MIND. Know how our oceans are effected by the moon, gravity, biorhythms….the sun regulates the water cycles, photosynthesis, our sleep cycles, hormones and so much more. We are affected in many unknown ways. Right now there is lots of planetary energy shifting us and our planet. Look for it..feel it, be aware. Ask for grace and ease as it comes in. Here is some info I wish to share with you. Seek further information on it as you are so called to do.

We are living in the midst of some amazing and chaotic times as we move to a planet of more love and truth. Hard to see sometimes as much is being rearranged, shifted, cleansed, upgraded for higher potentials awaiting each of us.

Stay in peace and love.  Stand in your faith that all is moving to a more benevolent outcome for all.

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